Meet Eva Ames – presented by PwC

Logistics Lead, Mahindra, Auto

What do you enjoy most about working in manufacturing? I like being part of a team. Every person on a manufacturing team is vital to the team’s success, and it’s great to both do my part and to be surrounded by others working to achieve a common goal. At Mahindra our goal is to make products to delight our customers, and there’s nothing more rewarding than creating something to make people happy.

What attracted you to a career in manufacturing? I didn’t set out to work in manufacturing. I went to a college that required a full year of co-op experience prior to graduating, and through that I was exposed to various types of manufacturing. I loved the teamwork and the coordination of people and material, and I was amazed at all the technology that goes into making that happen.

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about creating their future in manufacturing? Manufacturing has a complexity that is not always obvious. The more you explore what’s around your portion, the more you understand how your part affects everyone else. Get to know as many people as possible outside your direct area.