Meet Joshua Bingaman – presented by PwC

Founder and Designer, HELM Boots

What do you enjoy most about working in manufacturing? I enjoy many things about working in manufacturing including the actual process of watching our boots go from drawing to the finished product. What I enjoy most, though, is the relationships I have forged with the people that help make my boots a reality. I spend a lot of time at the factories we use and enjoy getting to know every person whose hands touch the boots in the manufacturing process. The pride in the workmanship is inspirational to me.

What attracted you to a career in manufacturing? I think the shoe bug just bit me again. I was thinking I want to do my own line. I want to prove that American-made factories, designers and workers can do the best of footwear and design.

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about creating their future in manufacturing? If making and manufacturing is your passion, then working harder than anyone else should come easy. I think investing the time in getting to know the people you work for, and with, will take you a long way in your career. Being in manufacturing from my experience is much like being part of a family and a working community. It’s a beautiful idea to think everyone gave something to make the finished product and builds such pride in your work.