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We know from our members that there is widespread concern about the growing skills gap in the United States. With baby boomers retiring in the coming years, many manufacturing jobs need to be filled, in order for businesses to continue to succeed and prosper.

Yet, at the same time, our research has shown public perceptions of manufacturing are too often stuck in the past. Americans are proud of manufacturing, but they rely on outdated stereotypes, or think the sector is in decline. The National Association of Manufacturers’ (NAM) Manufacturing Institute’s recent survey, in partnership with Deloitte, found steep drops from record highs in 2014 in key categories:



We want to correct this, and what we have learned is how parents are the key to shifting views in a positive direction. They set expectations on what a “good” career is, steer their kids’ choices, and support their ambitions. Simply put, if we get to parents, we get to young people. That’s the only way we will overcome the skills gap that threatens our future and limits opportunities for America’s youth across the country.

Parents need to see that manufacturing encompasses attributes they prize in careers: a chance to design, work in teams and build the future; a high-tech and high-touch work environment; an opportunity to lead early on; and a lifelong and rewarding career.

These are your stories, and we need more of them to solve this urgent crisis and show what modern manufacturing careers look like today and will look like tomorrow.


How Can Your Company Get Involved?

Become part of the solution. Help us reach new talent with real stories about real people—we are only as powerful as the stories you give us. Contact Chrys Kefalas, NAM vice president of brand strategy, at or (202) 637-3082 to discuss how you can get involved today.


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