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Creators Wanted - Digital Activations in 2021

Creators Wanted is on a mission to build the manufacturing workforce of today and tomorrow. Here’s how we’re doing it online in 2021:

Creators Wanted Virtual Events

Creators Wanted Virtual Events are 45-60-minute segments that feature host-led, pre-recorded and live programming.

  • These events are designed to showcase manufacturers’ impact, people, jobs, training programs, innovations and/or thought leadership.
  • Events are location-based and marketing efforts target specific regional audiences.
  • Prior events can be watched at

Making the Future Series

This spring, Creators Wanted launched a new series of “snackable” video episodes — each 5-10 minutes long — that unpacks a timely question and lays out exciting career opportunities within the manufacturing industry.

  • Episodes are designed to engage an audience of students and emerging workers and their influencers, such as parents.
  • The series takes a casual, fun and culturally relevant approach to exploring careers in manufacturing.
  • Episodes can be watched at

Creators Connect

Creators Connect will be an online, virtual hub where people can explore stories from real creators showcasing diversity and the industry’s broad range of career paths. Creators Connect serves as a starting point for future creators to take a deeper dive into modern manufacturing and begin discovering potential pathways of their own into manufacturing careers.

Making the Future Virtual Experience

The pandemic changed how and where we can reach our target audience. To meet people where they are and expand our reach, we’re taking the Making the Future Experience virtual with a choose-your-own adventure interactive video that allows anyone, anywhere to get a taste of what modern manufacturing has to offer.

Making a Difference …

We’re just getting started online and in-person, with the Creators Wanted Tour bringing the possibilities of modern manufacturing to more students, parents and emerging workers nationwide. To date, Creators Wanted is not just being seen by the right people, but making an impact:

  • Over 4.5 million total impressions from our first five virtual events alone.
  • Averaging 4,392 total views per Creators Wanted virtual event.
  • Averaging attendance rates of 119%, meaning more people attend Creators Wanted events than pre-register. We see no drop off!
  • And more than 5 million students, teachers and emerging workers have seen our premiere Making the Future Series episode.