Mechanical Engineer

McWane Ductile

Phillipsburg, NJ


McWane Ductile New Jersey is comprised of over 250 team members who produce ductile iron pipe that deliver clean, safe drinking water to communities globally.  Phillipsburg New Jersey has been our home since1856, and we continue our legacy of manufacturing high-quality products critical to national infrastructure.


We are currently seeking a qualified candidate for our open Mechanical Engineer position. 


The overall purpose of this role is to provide technical support for concurrent engineering efforts to optimize new designs for reproducibility, testability, and availability. Design of solutions to maintenance and production issues using drawing software. Management of projects including quote collection, material procurement, and supervision of contractors and/or maintenance staff.


This is an onsite position.


    Include but are not limited to:

  • Design, install, and commission robust, cost efficient machinery that increases efficiency and uptime, requiring minimal maintenance, in a fast paced environment.
  • Liaise with department supervisors, managers, and hourly employees, to ensure designs meet needs, specifications & requirements
  • Ensure designs and projects conform to OSHA safety standards, and environmental compliance prior to start-up
  • Ensure equipment design allows production to manufacture pipe per ISO and quality spec.
  • Accurately balance multiple projects, prioritizing and leading the logistics of parts fabrication, delivery, labor, and installation
  • Implement projects from start to finish within budgetary and time constraints and be completely operational prior to plant start-up
  • Work closely with the Continuous Improvement department  prioritizing projects and areas for process improvement; build budget proposals for potential projects
  • Support and collaborate with the maintenance, electrical, and production teams by responding to and solving technical equipment issues with imperativeness; participate in root cause analysis to provide irreversible corrective action plans and written reports 
  • Demonstrate project ownership and warrantee designs during and after the start-up phase to ensure continued customer satisfaction
  • Design & draw new equipment using SolidWorks and AutoCAD; Modify existing drawings of parts & assemblies to document changes
  • Ensure drawings are produced, formatted, and curated in accordance with department standards on the vaulted drawing management servers
  • Develop & maintain good working relationships with  machine shops, mechanical contractors, and other vendors, both foreign and domestic
  • Procurement of replacement parts for old and new machinery
  • Following project completion, document spare components for storeroom inventory and build comprehensive preventative maintenance work instructions for new equipment
  • Perform various engineering functions including mathematical-based design for accurate equipment geometry and specs, taking detailed field measurements using optical levels and calipers, structural analysis, and interpretation of data such as flow rates, temperatures, velocity, mass, force, torque, gear ratios, etc.
  • Any other task as assigned by Supervisor.
  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering or similar field
  • Preferred: 3 or more years of previous experience working in a manufacturing environment
  • Must interact in a professional, courteous manner with all personnel levels
  • Ability to comprehend mechanical and electrical drawings, specifications, maps, surveys, project schedules, cost reports, and other construction documents; possess understanding of contract provisions which address scope of work and design criteria
  • Preferred: Proficiency in SolidWorks and AutoCAD drawing software
  • Possess validated understanding and the accurate applications of various types of pumps, motors, gearboxes, bearing assemblies, hydraulic & pneumatic systems, cooling towers, blowers, structural members, couplings, valves, actuators, piping, and other mechanical components
  • Knowledge of estimation, construction costs, cost control procedures, and scheduling.
  • Strong mathematical and analytical skills.
  • Understanding of local, state, federal (including OSHA), and company safety and environmental regulations, codes, and requirements related to the manufacturing industry.
  • Ability to follow all work directives and safety procedures
  • Must be self-motivated
  • For the safe and effective performance of this job ;and the successful operation of the business, the qualified candidate is required to speak, read, and understand English