PWE Control System (I&E) Technician

Gulf Island Shipyards

Houma, LA


Main Purposes

The primary responsibilities of the PWE Control System Tech are to Install and manage the Spark PWE Monitoring and Control System, including the installation of Spark PWEs (Pressurized Welding Enclosures).  

Essential Functions 

  •  Act as a safety ambassador to protect Spark Safety's reputation and support the team's welfare.
  •  Responsible for working safely and complying with all Spark, GIS, Client, and Regulatory safety policies and procedures. 
  •  Responsible for the effective installation, calibration and commissioning, function testing, and operating of the Spark PWE Monitoring and Control System in accordance with Spark PWE Procedures.
  •  Responsible for maintaining and repairing the Spark PWE Monitoring and Control System and associated components and end devices.
  • Responsible for the effective installation of Spark PWE Panels and FR Barriers in accordance with Spark PWE Procedures.
  • Responsible for serving as a Firewatch / PWE Attendant: Preparing hot work areas by removing flammables and hazards from the hot work area(s), installing FR barriers in all line-of-fire locations, ensuring all FFE (Fire Fighting Equipment) is on-site, accessible, and service ready. 
  • Responsible for always maintaining diligence during hot work to prevent exposure to fire / leak-path. 
  •  Assist with the installation of Scaffolding in accordance with the GIS scaffold safety program.
  • Support all crafts with manual transfer of PWE / FRC / Scaffolding / Welding materials and equipment to worksites.
  • Responsible for the knowledge/use of portable gas monitors.
  • Assist in performing routine maintenance work on PWE / FRC / other equipment.
  •  Responsible for immediately reporting all defective PWE / FRC equipment and materials (enclosure panels, leads and extension cords, gas detectors, etc.) to the PWE Supervisor. 
  • Assist in maintaining the cleanliness of worksites and personal areas.
  •  Assist welders / fitters / scaffold builders as required with transfer of tools / equipment / scaffolding / leads / hoses, etc. to the worksite. 
  • Assist in rigging activities as assigned to control the movement of heavy equipment through narrow openings or confine spaces, using chain falls, beam clamps, cable/nylon slings, and other certified lifting equipment.
  • Properly rig slings to ensure proper alignment of load before moving the load.
  •  Give hand signal directions to crane operators during lift operations.
  • Actively participate in behavioral-based safety (observation card) programs.
  •  Perform all duties safely utilizing all required PPE.
  • Utilize proper tools for each task and store all items in designated locations.
  • Initiate SWA (Stop Work Authority) if an at-risk condition or behavior is observed.
  •  Serve as a Firewatch and Enclosure Entry Attendant to support the safe execution of hot work (cutting/grinding/welding).
  •  Install FRCs (Fire Retardant Containments) Install Scaffolding (as required)
  •  Report ALL at-risk worksite conditions to Supervisor.


Physical Requirements

  • Standing: This is an essential job function/physical requirement.
  • Walking: This is an essential job function/physical requirement.
  • Turning, twisting, bending, and stooping: These physical requirements are essential job functions.
  • Pushing and Pulling: These physical requirements are essential job functions.
  • Reaching, forward, and overhead are essential job functions /physical requirements.
  • Climbing: This is an essential job function /physical requirement.
  • Balancing, fingering, feeling, talking, hearing, and seeing are all considered normal physical duties/requirements and would be needed /required to work in this industrial environment safely and efficiently.
  • Lifting: employees must lift to 25 pounds and occasionally 50-75 pounds.
  • Ability to understand instructions and communicate verbally and in writing effectively.

Job Requirements

  •  Must be able to pass pre-employment physical and drug screen.
  • Must be able to pass a background check.
  • Training requirements and TWIC card.
  • Pass KSA (Knowledge / Skills Assessment) and written competency exam.

Desirable Experience/Training

Highschool diploma or GED.

Environmental Conditions

80 to 90% of the work activities are performed outdoors. Individuals will be required to work in changes of temperature, hot, cold, humid, wet, and dry conditions, dust, mud, etc. They may also be exposed to fumes (Paint, paint thinners, diesel, /or gas, etc.)

 Gulf Island will not sponsor applications for work visas.  Additionally, applicants for employment with Gulf Island must be currently authorized to work in the United States on a full-time basis.  Accordingly, Gulf Island will not consider applications from candidates who require the company to sponsor a work visa and who are not currently authorized to work in the United States on a full-time basis.