Meat Processor

Hahn Brothers, Inc.

Westminster, MD



· Monitor food processing machines and make adjustments to the controls for devices.

· Program equipment to operate according to company and recipe standards and make changes to cooking temperature and time.

· React to any type of alarms or malfunctions of the equipment and operate the shut-off switch when necessary

· Load raw ingredients into the machines (injectors and macerators) and measure the amount needed by following company recipes and industry standards

· Remove the finished product from the production line and push batches to the next step of the process for packaging

· Load product into slicers and monitor the product down the production line by weighing and sorting into required product size

· Verify that each finished item meets the quality standards of the company by observing the size, shape and final finish of each item. Ensure all packages are sealed properly.

· Sanitize all materials and machinery parts at the end of each shift and clean the workspace at the worker station by following company cleanliness standards

Job Skills & Qualifications



· Completion of a high school diploma or GED program

· Ability to follow all appropriate safety standards in food production

· Knowledge of basic math and reading comprehension skills

· Ability to stand for long periods of time and complete tasks such as lifting, bending, stooping, reaching and sorting.

· Ability to lift 40 pounds


· Experience working in food production or in an industrial kitchen

· Knowledge of quality assurance practices