Process Attendant Scrub ( C Crew)

Martin Marietta Magnesia Specialties, LLC

Midlothian, TX

SUMMARY:      Under supervision of Process Supervisor, is responsible for the daily operations of the RTO and Scrubber area. Performs housekeeping duties, routinely inspecting and maintaining machinery, collects measurements and samples, operates computer to control and monitor the equipment, assist Pyro-Process Operator as needed.


  • Controls RTO and Scrubber operation utilizing a computer to assist in troubleshooting in the field.
  • Responsible for the daily operation, record keeping and routine maintenance of the Scrubber and RTO area.
  • Inspects and maintains plant machinery
  • Assist Pyro-Process Operator as needed to maintain proper function of equipment
  • Perform inspections on Scrubber and R.T.O. and documents equipment status
  • Responsible for maintaining a safe work area and clean working environment.
  • Assist Tower Attendant when necessary  to help remove plugs/build-ups
  • Shoot coating and/or other build-ups in kiln via kiln gun
  • Assists with kiln repairs when needed
  • Other duties as directed by supervisor
  • Knowledge of Scrubber, RTO and Pyro Process systems preferable
  • Minimum of five  (5) years experience in cement or related industry
  • Ability to read, write and verbally communicate in the English language     
  • Must be able understand and operate the computer system which controls the equipment.
  • Must have good math skills to perform daily calculations and perform field verifications of analyzers.
  • Must be able to direct other personnel on assigned duties and routine repairs.
  • Pass required physical examination and drug screens
  • Prefer knowledge of all types of equipment used in the manufacturing of cement
  • Knowledge of hazards associated with areas of responsibility
  • Must be able to operate forklift, skid steer loader, and other mobile equipment


  • Ability to sit, stand, stoop, and bend for extended periods of time (up to 8 hrs.)
  • Walk on all types of surfaces (uneven and/or slippery ground)
  • Climb stairs and ladders as high as 200 feet in elevation
  • Physical ability to climb on equipment
  • Must be able to walk long distances, climb ladders, stairs, and stockpiles, stoop, and crawl under and into enclosed spaces
  • Ability to see and hear safety indicators and warnings
  • Drive automobile to various plant sites and work locations. Must be able to travel (air/auto) overnight as needed
  • Must work in all weather conditions: heat, cold, wet, dry and/or dusty conditions and near hot kiln process
  • Will have exposure to all levels of noise that require use of hearing protection
  • Exposure to cement, clay, limestone, lime and various lab chemicals. See MSDS for more details.