Production Planning Manager

ATI Specialty Materials

Albany, OR

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ATI Millersburg is seeking a Hafnium & Titanium Production Planning Supply Chain Manager (P4). 

This position reports to the Supply Chain Director.

Primary Responsibilities

The Supply Chain Manager will be responsible for the entire supply chain of Hafnium and Titanium, from raw materials to final product.  This vital role coordinates intimately with all aspects of the business, from operations to Sales, and oversees every aspect of the product alloy group.  In addition, this role is responsible for all SA&C planning across the various SA&C locations for the product group including Millersburg, Huntsville, 34th, and other ATI business units.  Leading this alloy group is an integral part of SA&C and the position will be challenged to create, maintain, and improve plans for resources (labor, equipment, materials) which will enable continued success in achieving business results.


The position is responsible for, but not limited to:

  • Managing the entire Hafnium and Titanium supply chain
  • Providing the most accurate plan possible for Operations to execute the Sales Backlog and Forecast.
  • Planning, preparing, and communicating flow plans, plant loading and capacity, and material availability.
  • Review forecasts, new orders, and quotes to ensure material availability and lead-time to achieve on-time delivery
  • Review and Maintain Oracle Item Planning Attributes
  • Ensuring critical raw materials are procured and maintained.
  • Using and promoting Continuous Improvement systems and thinking in everyday work.
  • Being the constructive tension between Operations and Sales to facilitate sustainable business growth.
  • Coordinating business priorities in terms of material flow, pull system, and cross-departmental activities
  • Improving the use of planning intelligence, tools, and processes that lead to fast decisions with minimized waste and risk.
  • Providing data driven proposals for the development of the business plan.