Plant HW Finishing | Stacker II Shift 2 | $17.02


S Pittsburg, TN

Job Title

Plant HW Finishing | Stacker II Shift 2 | $17.02

Position Overview

Position Objective: Safely and efficiently handle wood product in the defecting area ensuring maximum amount of

production and a minimal amount of off-quality.

Essential Duties:

Rotate among all positions on a consistent basis. Pack “B” grade boards into cartons. Hand-fold cartons for “B” grade material. Visually inspect product for defects and off-quality Pull boards flush up against the entry wall as needed. Pull out scrap pieces and defecting boards and place them in the dumpster. Wipe each deck clean of crayon marks, dust and overspray. Stain unstained bevels with a stain pen. Touch up other areas of the plank with stain pen as long as the area is within spec. Inspect deck for visual defects and pull out if defect is identified. Communicate quality or mechanical problems or concerns to defect technicians or lead. Assist in other areas as requested by the shift supervisor or lead Meet production standards. Willing to be an On the Job Trainer (OJT)

Non-Essential Duties:

Clean work area as needed. Must be a team player. Take an active role in committees. Cross-training for other jobs on finishing line

Physical Requirements:

Must be able to bend, squat, and stoop several times a day. Must be able to stand for 8 – 12 hours a day. Must be able to climb stairs several times throughout the day. Must be able to assist in lifting up to 65 lbs. several times a day. Must be able to lift 45-50 lbs. on a regular basis throughout the day. Must be able to handle the stress of meeting goals and production requirements. Must be able to visualize defects in the product. Must be able to visualize color defects in the product.

Other Requirements:

Be able to recognize various colors. Be able to make size judgments to identify which stacks to pile wood boards. Must have basic reading, writing, and math ability. Must be capable of learning and performing additional operations. Must be capable of being trained on current computer systems and software

Training Requirements:

On the job training Must have all OSHA, SAFE, SMS, and plant specific training. Training on current plant computer systems and software. Lockout/Tagout training

Tool, Equipment, & Material Requirements:

Safety Glasses PPE listed on JHA

Safety & Security Requirements:

Must comply with all required OSHA, SAFE, and plant specific safety rules and regulations. Refer to the Plant JHA (Job Hazard Analysis) for this job for the prevention of accidents.

Work Shift

10 Hr non-rotating shift, Hrs fall to in punch day, Observed Calendar, shift starts PM

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