Rollman – 2nd Shift

Beverly Knits, Inc.

Gastonia, NC

Job Details

Job Location:    MAIN - Gastonia, NC
Salary Range:    Undisclosed
Job Shift:    Day


2nd Shift availability


Effectively weigh, bag and sort rolls of fabric for shipment


Safety Responsibilities:

  • Use safe lifting techniques. Do not lift more than 75 pounds without assistance.
  • Get supervisor clearance before performing any operation that may result in injury.
  • Do not stack rolls over three high on the roll buggy.
  • Buggies must be pushed. Do not pull buggy.
  • Assure emergency aisles remain clear and not blocked by buggies or re-cycling.

Timing Considerations:

  • Roll Service is expected to be on the job in time to understand the situations and to make an effective shift break. They are expected to remain on the job until relieved appropriately.
  • Timetables, deadlines and other time commitments must be met consistently.

Beverly Employee Responsibilities:

  • Ask for additional training if you find yourself in a situation that you are unfamiliar with. Do not take chances with Safety or Quality!
  • Understand and comply with company standards, rules, procedures and policies. Offer suggestions for improvement of procedures that improve quality levels, increase efficiency and improve communications.
  • Take independent action to assure the safety of employees, improve quality and efficiency.
  • Be a positive contributor seeking improvements.
  • Continuously learn and train others in your knowledge.
  • Be accountable for your actions and results.
  • Seek continuous improvements allowing Beverly Knits to continue to be a market leader so that future jobs are assured.

Job Specific Responsibilities:

  • Review and understand Inspection Weigh Station Procedure ISO\4.10\4.10.107
  • For rolls to be inspected, Weigh rolls, record weight on ticket and place on buggy behind inspectors.
  • For rolls not to be inspected, Weigh rolls, record weight on ticket and into computer. Bag, label and position for staging.
  • Report to lead inspectors any roll with weights that do not match the knit ticket.
  • When caught up, stage rolls that have been bagged and labeled by machine, customer and style into buggies.
  • Move full staged buggies to specified location in shipping.
  • Report low inventories of packaging materials.
  • Sweep the floor, pick up trash and organize tubes.


Minimum Qualifications:

  • Physical abilities to pickup and handle large rolls of fabric, move boxes and rolls about, push buggies between areas. The essential function of this job is to lift an average of 40# rolls of fabric.
  • Visual capabilities to read tickets, sheets and scales.
  • Ability to read, write and effectively communicate in English in order to read tickets, instructions, reports and manuals, and to complete documentation required of the job. Sufficient math abilities to read weights, subtract tare, and accurately record information on labels and into the computer.
  • Ability to obtain Forklift license.