2nd Shift Line Attendant-RT Job Details | Great Lakes Cheese

Great Lakes Cheese

Hiram, OH

Job Overview

The Line Attendant prepares products and packaging to meet customer specifications in compliance with company policy related to GMP's and Safety.

Job Responsibilities

• Maintain area, equipment, and personal sanitation.
• Prepare, weigh, carry, load, space product.
• Open and rework product.
• Gather, review, and apply labels/stickers/ backer boards.
• Review order specs and assemble boxes.
• Review order specs and pack boxes.
• Inspect Machine E stops to ensure functionality before production starts.
• Quality checks to assure product is packaged according to customer specifications on production sheet (price / label / packaging).
• Directly communicate to line personnel on order specs and quality issues.
• Palletize product.
• Enter data on production reports.
• Communicate to line personnel on safety issues.
• Productive use of down time.
• All GLC employees are expected to perform any assignment or job task according to the stated safety policies and procedures.
• All GLC employees are expected to produce our products in a manner that exceeds the quality and value expectation of our customers and consumers by adhering to Good Manufacturing Practices, Policies and Procedures outlined in our Safe Quality Food Program.
• Other responsibilities as assigned by the manager.

Required Education and Experience
  • Basic understanding of manufacturing processes and related equipment.
  • Ability to make minor decisions based on standard practices.
  • Ability to read and prepare production reports and comprehend production worksheets.
  • Ability to add, subtract, multiply and divide.
Preferred Education and Experience
  • High School diploma or GED.
  • Ability to promote and model teamwork.
  • Basic computer skills.
Working Conditions
• Ability to constantly stand/walk; bend/flex/extend neck; frequently grip/reach/lift/pull with L/R hands.
• Ability to frequently handle material from floor-to-waist, waist-to-shoulder and pushing/pulling/carrying.
• Hair nets, ear plugs/muffs, hardhats, and/or safety glasses may be required.
• Repetitive work in a fast-paced production environment with average temperature of 50-60 degrees F.
• Product weight: up to 35 lbs.
EEOC & Disclaimer
Great Lakes Cheese is an Equal Opportunity Affirmative Action Employer.