Production Supervisor

Carlisle Companies

Senatobia, MS

Production Supervisor

Job Summary:

Carlisle Construction Materials (CCM), is a global leader in the building materials industry.  We’ve been around since 1917.  In just the past six years, our company has grown by nearly 70%.

If you love a good challenge, you’ll fit right in.

We are looking for a Production Supervisor to join our Production team in Senatobia, MS. 

The Production Supervisor is responsible for shift supervision and management of plant manufacturing processes. Providing leadership on the shift to accomplish target objectives: maintain a safe working environment, verifying all quality checks and process setting are accurate to defined parameters, high level production details to ensure efficient production throughput, and effectively facilitates problem solving, decision making skills to identify root causes to process upsets and development of effective corrective actions. Promotes a high level of teamwork by initiating effective communication with both shift personnel and between departments. Also, responsible for maintaining records to comply with company procedures, verifying process parameters, and shift communication. Applies policies and rules in a fair manner that fosters employee engagement, empowerment, accountability, and ownership in union – free environment.


Job Responsibilities:

  • Shift Management – Provide leadership and direction to shift personnel in order to meet the desired output. Review work-in-process levels in all production areas and make recommendations and adjustments to maintain efficient balance between shifts. Meet with previous shift PC to discuss decisions concerning equipment downtime, manning levels, and material quality. Meet with shift personnel to review daily work activities. Has a clear understanding of the plant information systems (Logbooks, production schedules, heat reports, maintenance request, special reports, SQDC Boards, etc.) to maximize system uptime and keep reporting and shift paperwork errors to a minimum. Maintain line supplies ensuring that required raw materials are available to complete production runs, perform material balance and ensure production consumption is reported in SAP correctly. Operates equipment as needed to provide coverage for Lead Operators.
  • Supervision – Uniformly enforces and applies company policies and procedures to maintain fair and consistent work practices. Review and correct time sheets, documents, update work instructions, record tardiness, absences, and coordinate vacations. Provide input and seeks clarification where necessary to ensure that adequate communication and understanding is occurring. Completes annual, documented job performance evaluations with all shift production personnel. Provides honest, objective and specific feedback to enable the employee to clearly understand their shortcomings and the means for improvement. Actively supports and participates in site improvement team/s and support improvement committee/s initiatives. Serves as facilitator for assigned shift to maintain the group’s focus and provide the necessary resources. Responsible for all set-ups, clean-ups and other downtown procedure.


  • Quality – Manages shift activities to meet the plant’s published scrap, rework, and defect goals. Facilitates decision making and problem-solving process (5WHY) for crew leaders and their crews to foster a more participative and committed approach to the operations. Provides the necessary feedback and coaching to review results with crews to obtain the desired continuous improvement. Responsible for ensuring that published processing specifications and grading standards are not only followed but that recommendations for changes and improvement are made as well. Responsible for the over-all quality of the sheet produced on your assigned shift. Contacts the Process/Quality Engineer to report quality problems and discuss quality related approval and deviation decisions.
  • Training / Safety – - Provides clear, consistent direction relative to maintaining and enhancing the plant’s safety goals. Awareness is maintained through completing shift safety meetings. Additional small group meetings to be conducted as required to address specific needs. Accidents and near miss situations are thoroughly reviewed with corrective action and follow-up occurring along with the completion of necessary documentation. Actively participates in the plant’s loss control committee by offering input to the process and completing assigned action items. Maintains shift records relative to on-the-job training status for all shift personnel. Initiates manning assignments to address shortcomings to ensure that production goals can be met with qualified personnel.
  •  Cost reduction / control  -  Contributes towards the plant’s cost reduction goals through fostering a continuous shift awareness. Coaches and encourages crews to identify and implement cost savings. Provides the necessary leadership to obtain the data, acceptance, and details necessary for an effective project justification. Through an understanding of the product cost structure provides accurate labor reporting to meet the direct and indirect labor cost objectives. Controls usage of supply items and recommends changes to maintain control or reduce costs where appropriate. Supports major cost reduction efforts relative to materials and/or formulations by actively obtaining the information that can be communicated to shift personnel to heighten their awareness, understanding and support.
  • Other Duties– Completes items of a general administrative nature such as attendance logs, time cards, first aid logs, etc.  Coordinates gathering and dissemination of information for not only production but also other departments such as QA and personnel.