Velocity Aerospace Group

Van Nuys, CA

Velocity Aerospace Group is a subsidiary of Precision Aviation Group (PAG), a full service, inventory supported MRO provider in the aviation industry with 21 domestic and international business units.  Velocity operates 3 repair stations, specializing in the repair, overhaul, installation and upgrade of electromechanical, digital, pneumatic, avionic, and gyroscopic components for aircraft operators and maintainers in the commercial/regional airline, government and defense operation, business and general aviation markets.

A CNC programmer writes code to automate power driven machines that cut and finish metal, wood or plastic such as lathes, grinders and mills.

Key Responsibilities

•Creates instructions for machinists.

•Reviews 3D CAD design blueprints.

•Makes calculations for programming including where materials should be cut.

•Translates instructions into a computer automated manufacturing (CAM) program.

•Communicates with engineers and clients who will use the programs.

•Checks completed programs by running simulations or tests.

•Prepares geometric layout of designs using proper software.

•Determines sequence of operations in a program.

•Chooses cutting tools that will be needed.

•Analyzes job order and performs necessary calculations.

•Writes programs and modifies existing ones for increased efficiency.

•Analyzes and selects speeds and cutting tools for programs.

•Makes improvements to set up times for a task and contouring of complex shapes.

•Simplifies tooling time for workers and increases productivity for the client.

•Evaluates all completed designs to validate their functions and ensure they successfully reduce time and money for the client.

•Monitors all programs to make sure they follow blueprint instructions and safely and successfully complete the task.

•Provides training for clients on automated systems.

•Complies with all safety rules and regulations.

Abilities & Qualificationv

  • Ability to coordinate and work well with other departments and individuals within organization.
  • Have strong team orientation.
  • Competency in Microsoft Office, especially Excel.
  • Excellent interpersonal, written & verbal communication skills
  • Strong analytical skills, and the ability to summarize data and trends clearly
  • Must have superior computer programming skills.
  • Must have excellent reading comprehension skills.
  • Good math skills, especially algebra, trigonometry and physics.
  • Strong software development/engineering skills 
  • Creative problem solving and experimental design 
  • Experience with of CAD software         

Education and Experience

Associate's degree in CNC programming, a computer-related field or a mechanical field. Bachelor's degree in computer programming or computer-related field.