L & F Distributors Ltd.

Corpus Christi, TX

Job Details

Job Location:    Corpus Christi - Corpus Christi, TX
Salary Range:    Undisclosed


A driver salesman is very important and basic part of the overall sales process of the delivery team. The driver is expected to work along side of the assistant driver. The driver salesman is expected to up-sell the accounts additional product. One of the main objectives is to establish and maintain a professional working relationship with each of his accounts, thus allowing him to deliver product to all his accounts in a timely manner. This position falls under the DOT regulations and therefore must comply with all requirements. All operations must follow company’s safety guidelines. Employee must be a team player and share responsibilities with the team. Employee must communicate and work with other members of the team to ensure customer satisfaction and increase sales. Employees will cooperate with other employees, supervisors and management and perform other duties as requested by supervisor or manager.


  1. Qualifications:


    1. Must be licensed and trained to drive a tractor/trailer.
    2. Be licensed by T.A.B.C. to sell alcoholic beverages.
    3. Knowledge of basic computer skills.
    4. Must maintain insurability to operate a company vehicle.


  1. Department of Transportation duties:


    1. Must perform pre-trip inspection before the truck leaves in the morning
    2. Must perform the post-trip inspection when the truck arrives back at the warehouse in the afternoon.
    3. Make sure that all deficiencies are corrected by the mechanics before leaving warehouse.
    4. Assist with the verification of the load in the morning before leaving the warehouse. .


  1. Service:


    1. Must determine and maintain the proper scheduling of his route to insure timely delivery of product.
    2. Must determine and maintain proper procedures for stocking and pricing in each account.
    3. Maintain good rotation of stock; fill shelves, face and front cold box and hot shelf if one is available.
    4. Follow all safety guidelines while loading or unloading.
    5. Selling and maintain displays with proper P.O.S. material
    6. Pay attention to your customer’s needs and suggestions.
    7. Thank the customer.
    8. Know each customer by name.
    9. Balance time spent in each account against the potential of that account.
    10. Determine if P.O.S. is in need of repair or replacement and be responsible to see that this is accomplished when necessary.
    11. Driver salesman is considered to be the direct supervisor for trainees and merchandisers that may be assigned to the team.
    12. Pick up any damage or returnable items from accounts as necessary.
    13. Report any pricing or discount discrepancies on the handheld to supervisor immediately.
    14. Take product inventory as may be required at the accounts.
    15. Unload product from truck and place in account as required for customer receiving.
    16. Remove trash and empty boxes as required by account.


  1. Sales:


    1. Have knowledge of all brands and packaging in every account.
    2. Pursue any and all distribution opportunities in every account and communicate them to the team leader.
    3. Sell in the best possible pricing for our product whether at regular retail or on promotion and report any pricing discrepancies that you are not able to resolve to the team leader immediately.
    4. Seek out new opportunities in every account (i.e. displays, P.O.S., material or shelf resets)
    5. To sell all products and services within the guidelines of company and T.A.B.C. (Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission) policies.
    6. Communicate with team leader on out-of-stocks and any other issues that are important to the sales process.
    7. Create and collect on invoices from customer.
    8. Provide customers with all current promo letters.
    9. Encourage each account to pass the allowance to their customers.
    10. Utilize all POS materials available to you.
    11. Maintain adequate supplies of POS for all brands in vehicle.



  1. Code Dates:


    1. Know the shelf life of each of our brands.
    2. Know how to read code dates on each of our packages.
    3. Utilize code date books when checking codes.


    1. Be aware of the current born on date at all times.


  1. Product Rotation and Delivery:


    1. Maintain good rotation procedures on your truck as well as displays.
    2. Check code-dates and rotate product accordingly during every service call.
    3. Determine close dated products and arrange for proper movement of product in conjunction with team leader and merchandiser.
    4. Report any product complaint to your supervisor as it occurs.


  1. Price Promotion Letters:


    1. Encourage each account to pass the allowance onto their customers.
    2. Ask for any promotional displays in every account.
    3. Utilize all P.O.S. materials available to you.
    4. Maintain adequate supplies of P.O.S., in vehicle, of all brands.


  1. Incentive Plans:


    1. Participate to the best of your ability in all incentive programs.
    2. Submit verification of achievements in a timely manner.


  1. End-of-Day:


    1. Responsible for all products brought back & ensure that it is not damaged.
    2. Report any vehicle damages that may have occurred during the workday.
    3. Verify what product was brought back and state the name of the account, and the reason for bringing the product back.
    4. Responsible for settlements and deposits at the end of day.
    5. Ensure that all reports are in order and correct.
    6. Ensure handheld is left for next day according to procedure.
    7. Ensure vehicle is clean and orderly for next day use.


  1. Company Objectives:


    1. Be supportive of all company objectives
    2. Keep your supervisor and management aware of all competitive activities and correct at account whenever possible.
    3. Keep good clean attitude towards working environment and customer satisfaction.


  1. Physical Demands:


  1. Frequent tasks (75%-100% of the day that could last from 6-12 hours depending on the number of cases sold and delivered for that day)
  • Designated accounts for the route may require merchandising to increase sales space.
  • This consists of standing, sitting, kneeling, squatting, bending/stooping, pushing/pulling, lifting, twisting, stair climbing, reaching/overhead reaching, and shoulder flexion/rotation/abduction/extension.
  • Cases vary in weight from 10-50lbs.
  • Ability to operate a two or four wheeled hand-truck.
  • Ability to operate a manual/powered pallet jack or lift product.
  • Maintain merchandising standards while rotating products each time in designated accounts
  • This consists of standing, sitting, kneeling/squatting, bending/stooping, pushing/pulling, and twisting.


  1. Moderately frequent tasks (50%-75% of the day that could last from 6-12 hours depending on the number of cases sold and delivered for that day.
  • Driver Salesman helps build displays with the team.
  • A display could have as little as 5 cases or as much as 80+ cases
  • This consists of walking, climbing stairs/ladders, grasping/squeezing, wrist flexion/extension, reaching/overhead reaching
  • To help unload cases of beer at accounts designated for the route for a specific day.






  1. Safety of Operations:


  1. Driver Salesman work directly affects the safety of operation of motor vehicles on public highways in transportation in interstate or foreign commerce within the meaning of the federal Motor Carrier Act.
  2. Accordingly, employee will and may be required, when necessary:
  • to load or assist in the loading of company motor vehicles so that they may be safely operated upon the public highways while exercising judgment and discretion in planning and building a balanced load or in placing, distributing or securing the pieces of freight in such a manner that the safe operation of the motor vehicles in interstate commerce or foreign commerce is not jeopardized;
  • to drive the vehicle safely and in compliance with all laws, rules and regulations, with special care given to railroad crossings, when entering traffic and when driving in reverse;
  • to drive company vehicles in order to transport goods involved in interstate commerce;
  • to act as assistant or relief drivers of company vehicles;
  • to place flags, flares and fuses as required by all applicable safety regulations in case of a vehicle break down or accident;
  • to go for assistance and/or protects the vehicle in case of a break down;
  • to change tires or make minor repairs and putt on or remove chains; and
  • Perform daily Department of Transportation checklist inspections.


  1. Training Requirements
    1. At the discretion of management, the employee may be asked to undergo periodic safety training.