Line Leader – 2nd Shift

Celmark International

Orlando, FL

Position Purpose and Objectives
Responsible for the overall operation of the production line assigned to.

Essential Job Functions
-    Must follow all GMPs and relevant SOPs.
-    Responsible for all matters pertaining to the set-up of assigned production line.
-    Responsible for meeting all requirements leading to production line release.
-    Make sure the proper packaging components are staged by the production line at all times.
-    Assign line operators to their appropriate positions.
-    Continuously trains, monitors, and supports production line throughout the shift.
-    Fill out time and labeling records attached to the Celmark packaging batch records and releases.
-    Responsible for the safety and cleanliness of production line.
-    Responsible for properly completing BOM’s, Process orders and other relevant paperwork as related to packaging department.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Required
-    This individual must be able to read and apply the information contained in the product specifications for their operation.
-    Calculate and track production gains and losses.
-    Problem solving skills.
-    Maintain quality, and safety standards.
-    Train and monitor line personnel in performance of their duties.
-    Effectively change and manipulate line layout for maximum production output
-    Great communication and leadership abilities

Supervisory Responsibility
-    Assigning line workers and monitoring quality and productivity.

Working Conditions
-    Strong interaction with quality assurance, and Supervisors.

Minimum Qualifications
-    This individual must have 2 years packaging line lead or similar position experience in a manufacturing environment.
-    Good communication skills both written and oral, basic math, and problem solving skills.
-    Have ability to train and lead packaging production line.

Success Factors
-    Self-motivated, team player and well organized.