Quality Assurance Lead Inspector

Universal Cargo Doors & Service, LLC

Miami, FL

Quality Assurance Lead Inspector


Reports to the Director of Quality; the Quality Assurance Lead inspector is a key member of the quality department assuring both regulatory, and the overall quality of the product is maintained. He/She will be responsible for internal quality issues in the absence of the Director of Quality.  He will supervise all level I and level II inspectors as well as oversee the daily operation of the Repair Station.


Job Duties:


  1. Provide frequent accurate and candid reporting to the Director of Quality.
  2. Deal with colleagues, customers and vendors in a cordial, respectful and professional manner.
  3. Supervise and train subordinates in the quality assurance department.
  4. Input accurate and complete data into the QAV system.
  5. Perform incoming, in process and final inspection of aerospace articles using approved data.
  6. Perform FAI inspections and records data in accordance with AEI Quality Assurance/Repair Station Manuals.
  7. Documents inspections/discrepancies by completing reports and logs for review by the Director of Quality.
  8. Maintain the company Calibration system, and assure that all measurement tools used for inspection acceptance are calibrated in accordance with current specifications and manufacturers requirements.
  9. Approves inspected, repaired and overhauled articles by confirming approved data, visual inspection and any test necessary for return to service.
  10. Responsible for the repair station including issuing 8130-3’s, internal and customer audits, and working with the technician’s trouble shooting issues that arise.
  11. Responsible for issuing 8130-3’s for the PMA in the absence of the Director of Quality
  12. Focal point with incoming receiving for all manufactured electric and hydraulic components.
  13. Perform internal quality audits of AEI’s overall quality system and repair station.
  14. Assists engineering during prototype projects with the FAA to acquire STC’s.
  15. Assist Director of Quality with the FAA during QSA audits.
  16. Assists and maintains approved supplier list in accordance with quality manual.
  17. Issues corrective actions internally and to suppliers when trends are identified.
  18. Working with suppliers on MRB's forms generated.
  19. Filling out MRB forms and checking with engineers for approval.
  20. Requesting DCN's.
  21. Assists in the receiving of all parts coming into AEI.
  22. Supervising and training quality assurance personnel.
  23. Disposition stock parts when new DCN’s are released, verify stock parts conform to DCN or rework/scrap parts. 
  24. Keeping a serial number log for all AEI parts.
  25. Evaluate RMA parts, disposition ether to Repair Station or run thru PMA.



 Candidate to posses FAA Airframe Certificate or the ability to obtain and maintain an FAA repairman’s certificate.



 Proficient in using dimensional inspection tools e.g. mics calipers. Protractors, Radius gages.

  1. Knowledge of issuing new (Part 21) and/or return to service (Part 145) FAA Authorized release certificates 8130-3 tags
  2. Knowledge of special processes such as coatings, welding, heat treat.
  3. Understands regulations of articles manufactured under Part21, including STC and PMA authorities.
  4. Understands regulation of articles returned to service under Part 145 repair station.
  5. Proficient in reading and interpreting engineering drawings.


Working Conditions:

 Requires frequent walking, standing and/or climbing. May involve limited lifting of heavy objects up to 70lbs.

 Due to the nature of the business, may be required to work outside of normal office hours, on weekends and holidays.

 May be required to travel.

 This information is not designed to be a complete inventory of the job’s duties, responsibilities, and qualifications. Rather, it’s designed to give the general nature and level of work to be performed by employees assigned to this job title.