Assembler I – Engine Assembly

TriMas Corp.

Tulsa, OK

Assembles internal combustion engines according to standard procedures
Prepare and positions various crankcases initial stage of engine assembly using mechanics hand tools and power hoist
Presses gears, sheave, flywheel, and sprockets to shaft using hand or hydraulic press and locks them with keys or pins
Inserts cylinder sleeves into engine block or casing and fits piston and connecting rod assembly into cylinder and bolts it to crankshaft
Aligns engine parts, such as camshaft and crankshaft gears, and sets timing and clearances between fixed and moving parts.
Examines parts or observes movement of completed assemblies to detect malfunction, and discards or replaces defective parts or assemblies according to ISO procedures
Bolts subassemblies, such as cylinder head, carburetor, and governor to engine, using torque wrench or other hand tools
Must complete tasks in accordance to standards
Maintain a clean work area
Other duties as assigned ID:uDnQdo