Avionics Technician II – AV-8B Program – MCAS Cherry Point, NC

Vertex-Crestview Aerospace

Cherry Point, NC

The employee shall obtain and maintain a SECRET clearance to work in the Avionics Division. The contractor's employees shall obtain and maintain designation as, but not limited to Collateral Duty Inspector (CDI/CDQAR), Low Power Turn up, Tow, Brake Rider, Hydraulic Contamination, HAZMAT, and Support Equipment licenses and certifications as deemed necessary by the COR. The contractor shall test, troubleshoot, install, remove, inspect, and repair, align/rig systems components and ancillary equipment as directed by the Government’s work center supervisor, for the following T/AV-8B systems:

Required Scheduled/Unscheduled Inspections

Lightning Pod

VHF/UHF Communication System

Identification Friend or Foe System

Integrated Controls and Display Group

All-Weather Landing System

TACAN System

Radar Beacon System

Electronic Altimeter System

Angle Rate Bombing System

Weapons Control System

Mission Computer System

Defense Electronic Countermeasure System

Countermeasures Dispensing System

Radar Warning Receiver System

Night Attack Weapons Control System

Night Attack Forward-Looking Infrared System

Digital Video Mapping Set

Airborne Self-Protection Jammer System

Night Attack Countermeasures Dispensing System

Night Attack Radar Warning Receiver System

Landing Gear and Related Systems

Flight Control and Related Systems

Power Plant and Related Systems

Environmental Control Systems

Electrical Systems

Lighting Systems

COMSEC Systems

Hydraulic Systems

Fuel System

Instrument Systems

Air Data Computer Systems

Stability Augmentation and Altitude Hold System

Inertial Navigation/Back-up Attitude/Navigation Systems

Mission Computer System

 General Wire Repair Procedures

TAV-8B Environmental Control Systems

Applicable Support/Special Equipment

Applicable Aircraft Publications, Diagrams, Sketches, and Drawings

Applicable Precision Measuring Equipment

Applicable knowledge of aircraft ground handling and common maintenance practices.

AN/APG-65 Airborne RADAR Set

Encrypted Global Positioning Set system 

Electronic/Avionics Aircraft Mechanics II shall maintain a SECRET clearance and possess a minimum capability to test, troubleshoot, install, remove, inspect, repair, and align/rig the system and components and auxiliary equipment.