CAD/CAM Developer

Burr Oak Tool, Inc.

Sturgis, MI

Position: CAD/CAM Developer                                                                        Salary Grade: E-2

Purpose: Develop processes to ensure best practices are used and results achieved in creating programs to machine quality parts on computer numerical control machines (CNC) for Burr Oak Tool. Provide software integration between IT, engineering, manufacturing, and programming to ensure greatest efficiency and quality of manufacturing. Provide support and training for CNC programmers.


Roles: Expected behaviors and activities performed to fulfill responsibilities

  • Be an example of best safety practices and encourage others to follow throughout the company.
  • Adopt a 5S workstyle and mindset. Participate in regular team 5S audits.
  • Naturally and consistently demonstrate leadership with team members and others within and outside the company.
  • Set an example of working hard and doing the right things; exhibit energy, positivity, and willingness to perform assignments beyond the minimum requirements.
  • Personal drive to reach beyond expectations of quality and productivity.
  • Carry a willingness for innovation and a positive attitude toward changing the status quo.
  • Convey a spirit of teamwork, courtesy and respect through effective listening and seeking to learn from others.


Responsibilities: Quantifiable metrics to which a person is held accountable

  • Consult with engineering and other departments to evaluate software/hardware interfaces and develop specifications and performance requirements.
  • Proficient in effective critical thinking. Can respond to various situations requiring judgment, search for solutions and use discoveries to develop new applications.
  • Provide software and integration using C#, macro languages, and following software best practices.
  • Organize and conduct concise, timely and logical presentations, discussions, and reports for a variety of stakeholders.
  • Actively participate in team goal setting and accountability meetings.
  • Participate in regular employee reviews including establishing and managing personal goal setting and regular tracking and reporting on progress.
  • Develop CNC programs to ensure quality parts are produced in the most efficient and safe manner.


Skills: Essential qualifications and functions gained through training and experience

  • Bachelor of Science from an accredited university (or equivalent education, training or experience suitable for this position).
  • Knowledge of best practices in software development including the use of version control systems such as git, automated and manual testing, dependency management, and API usage.
  • An understanding of software design fundamentals, including experience with developing application-level code, integrating external software libraries, and some experience with Windows GUI tool kits.
  • Experience writing and debugging code in C# and using Microsoft Visual Studio is necessary. Reading and understanding bespoke and VBA based macro languages and translating functionality is helpful. Skills in additional programming languages and knowledge of web languages and API integrations are a plus.
  • Must have excellent mathematical and computer software skills; prefer experience with Espirit CAM, Hypermill CAM, and Solid Works software. Experience with Microsoft Suite programs.
  • Strong interpersonal skills. Ability to get along with diverse personalities, tactful, mature, and flexible.
  • High energy level, comfortable performing multi-faceted projects in conjunction with day-to-day activities
  • Ability to remain calm and determined to attain goals.
  • Documentation of a current drug screen must be provided prior to start date.