Composite Technician I

Albany Engineered Composites

Salt Lake City, UT

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Albany Engineered Composites (AEC) designs, develops, and manufactures advanced composite components in order to help our customers push the frontiers of innovation. Our core strength is our ability to produce highly tailored, complex composite components. With our unique blend of products -- including 3D woven structures, traditional and non-traditional 2D composite structures, and discrete through thickness reinforcement technologies, to name a few -- AEC is able to produce composite components and products which meet performance and cost specifications often beyond the reach of metallic or conventional laminated composites.

$17-$23/hour depending on experience.

Generous PTO, Holidays, 401K Match, Tuition Reimbursement, Several Work Schedules to Choose From

Technicians perform lay-up, braiding and filament winding of composite materials in accordance with customer and company specifications and requirements while following company policies and using proper personal protective equipment.

Other duties include:

  • Bonds a variety of dissimilar materials (composite, metal, or laminate) assemblies, parts, skins, components, equipment or structures into semi-finished or finished products.
  • Lays out articles, cuts parts or materials to size.
  • Applies liquid or solid bonding agents. Operates autoclave, hydraulic presses and ovens to complete bonding cycle.
  • Controls conditions of heat, pressure, and timing by setting and operating various controls according to the specifications for the materials and the bonding agent being used.
  • Sands, burrs and smooths over areas, apply sealing resins to cut or exposed edges.
  • Monitors and verifies quality of finished product.
  • Completes repairs on composite, metal or laminate bonded products using inspection and rework instructions.
  • Verifies quality of finished product.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Able to identify different process materials, prepregs, adhesives and resins.
  • Assist with cutting and kitting materials.
  • Complete lay-ups using measuring instruments per shop orders, blue prints or laser ply projector.
  • Vacuum bag basic shapes and sizes.
  • Assist in loading autoclaves and\or ovens with the use of forklifts, cranes or handling carts.
  • Com