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Formulated Solutions Innovates, Formulates and Creates consumer brands. We put together a broadly talented team of experts in manufacturing, production, laboratory, regulatory, distribution and marketing, that possesses an unparalleled drive to deliver market-ready products of the highest quality. Our in-house technologies in Aerosol, Biochemistry, Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical and Polymer Chemistry, coupled with innovative package design and strategic marketing services, provides clients with one of the fastest design-to-market solutions in the world. We serve companies in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, personal care and specialty chemical applications. We also support small and large companies in generating and producing unique products for the retail market. 

Formulated Solutions offers a wide range of benefit options for our full-time employees, allowing them to find the right plan to enroll into. We also offer 401k with a company match and much more! If you are hard-working, self-motivated and looking for a new and exciting career opportunity, apply today!

The primary purpose of this position is to assist a Compounder II, Compounder III or Master Blender with performing blending duties. Duties are defined in Blending Batch Records and day to day activities as directed by Management.

•    Use proper PPE and follow safety procedures
•    Understand and follow verbal instructions in English
•     Read, understand and follow written instructions in English
o    Notify if instructions appear to be incorrect or cannot be followed
o    Stop work until resolved or follow supervisory direction
•    Neatly and accurately record data per FDA Good Documentation Practices
•    Identify mistakes and immediately bring to the attention of supervision
•    Accurately count production or inventory items and neatly record results
•    Understand standards assigned to each job and work within those standards
•    Perform other duties as assigned

Assist in the pre-weigh of materials:
•    Verify room/batch readiness and room clearance
•    Set-up scales for weighing product
o    Select English or metric units and tare weights per procedure
•    Accurately weigh and dispense material using Metric or English units
•    Accurately identify and record raw material part numbers or names
•    Apply labels to containers as required to identify product/blends

Assist with the blending of batches:
•    Accurately blend product in amount and sequence and timing as shown in written instructions
•    Set-up scales for weighing product
o    Select English or metric units and tare weights per procedure
•    Accurately weigh product using in Metric or English units
•    Loading blending tanks with pre-weighed or bulk materials
•    Verify room/batch readiness and room clearance
•    Accurately identify and record raw material part numbers or names
•    Clean and use pre-mix containers as required
•    Apply labels to containers as required to identify product/blends

Assist Blenders with Machine Operations:
•    Assist with setting up lines and work areas prior to each blend:
o    Containers, labels, scales, instructions, data collection sheets, etc.
o    Complete batch set-up records
•    Assist with monitoring and performing machine adjustments during the blending process as required
•    Load blending tanks with material
•    Cover open tanks/containers and contamination as required to prevent contamination
•    Assist in cleaning tanks, blades, product delivery tubes/hoses, fillers, hoppers, tanks, nozzles, drums, etc.
•    Obtain QA acceptance that cleaning is acceptable prior to equipment use/storage as required by procedure
•    Assist in maintaining blending equipment and tools (adjustment/service/repair) in correct location

•    Identify and understand quality criteria for task performance
•    Perform task in a manner that meets/exceeds quality criteria
•    Identify quality problems and cease operations until resolved
•    Resolve quality issues within blending area or seek support

Material handling:
•    Load/unload boxes of components, raw materials, etc.
•    Operate manual pallet jack
•    Control and maintain integrity of material stock quantities
•    Correctly record material withdrawals/changes on inventory cards and batch records
•    Load/unload 55-gal drums onto and off-of pallets and roll into correct place, using assistance if required
•    Understand how to operate safely in situations where exposure to potentially harmful chemicals may exist
•    Document inventory changes per procedure

It might be necessary to perform duties not mentioned in the Job Description
(This is to include but not limited to):
•    Working on a Packaging Department line
•    Cleaning buckets, tanks or ancillary equipment
•    Using floor scrubbing equipment
•    Any other duties management deems necessary to support company activities

A.    No previous experience required
•    Multitask (must be able to organize and/or control multiple jobs and multiple machines)
•    Must have basic math skills to understand weights, blending/mixing formulas and to track production quantities.
•    Must be able to lift 50-70lbs on a regular basis.
•    Must have the ability to stand for long periods of time on a regular basis.

B.    Highly Preferred Additional – Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry or related science


•    Ability to operate blending/mixing/filling machinery and related equipment.
•    Ability to assist in diagnosis and repair of malfunctioning machines.
•    Ability to organize and control multiple jobs and multiple machines.
•    Ability to communicate effectively with personnel.
•    Ability to follow written/verbal instructions.
•    Ability to keep accurate records.

•    High School diploma or equivalent
•    Preferred prior experience
•    Preferred Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry or related science

Environmental Demand Normal office environment. Exposure to extreme environmental conditions (excessive/prolonged heat, cold or humidity). Exposure to chemicals and/or other potential hazards. Exposure to extreme/prolonged weather conditions

The specific statements shown in each section of this job description are not intended to be all-inclusive. They represent typical elements and criteria necessary to perform the job successfully. Formulated Solutions reserves the right to modify and expand job responsibilities and duties over time