Computer Vision Engineering Supervisor


Columbus, IN

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Position Summary

This position will be responsible for leading a team of engineers while designing and implementing new deep learning and classic computer vision algorithms and solutions. The position requires a technically oriented individual who is a good communicator and enjoys working as part of a team to solve complicated challenges. The engineer that best fits this position is curious, innovative, hardworking, detail-oriented, humble, honest, open-minded and driven to succeed. A successful engineer in this role always puts the customer's needs first, and is engaged in the work they complete, as they recognize the meaningful impact this work will have on society. This engineer takes calculated risks, learns from failures, shares success and strives endlessly to create impactful technological advancements. A strong customer mindset is required to understand problems that users experience and improve safety, quality, efficiency and customer experience. Lastly, the ideal candidate is dynamic, adaptable and is open to taking on new challenges every day.

As a Research and Development Engineer Supervisor, this position would be responsible for leading a team of engineers to solve complex multidisciplinary challenges in the field of industrial computer vision, sensing and perception as well as drive tactical execution of project schedules and activities to ensure project deliveries meet customer requirements.

Essential Position Duties
  • Develop and manage detailed project schedules using available resources, project requirements and delivery milestone dates. Plan target completion dates for activities with performance targets and metrics for success.
  • Prepare and communicate documentation and presentations detailing project development success and challenges, roadblocks reducing productivity and the planned future activity for future growth and success.
  • Work with engineering team to understand individual career goals and help develop skills and experience of team members to work towards their career goals.
  • Support develop and implement novel algorithms for advanced computer vision solutions using OpenCV, ONNX, TensorFlow and other perception libraries.
  • Work with cameras, sensors and other hardware to implement vision and perception solutions.
  • Interface with a team of software, machine learning, embedded, mechanical and electrical engineers to drive multidisciplinary research projects forward.
  • Examine edge technologies; create documentation and proposals for new products and tools.
  • Create and update clear technical documentation for complex systems and processes.
  • Create test plans for hardware and software validation. Analyze results and create documentation and recommendations based on results.
Education & Experience
  • Requires BS degree or higher in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Robotics, Mechatronics with experience with software development or requires +5 years of experience in robotics, computer, electrical, software or mechanical engineering with strong proficiency in software development.
  • C++, Python, object oriented development, Git, Linux based development
  • Strong experience with OpenCV used to detect and identify various objects in images or video streams.
  • Experience using deep learning to solve computer vision problems regarding object detection, text detection and recognition, positioning and other vision based challenges.
  • +3 years of experience developing complex software systems with experience leading software development projects.
  • 1+ years of experience developing and executing project schedules while leading engineering teams to reach project milestones.
  • Experience with hardware interfaces including cameras, LiDAR, embedded controllers, robotic platforms or other systems.