Construction Site Security Guard – Primoris Renewable Energy

ARB, Inc.

Snyder, TX

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General Requirements:

  • Practice safety rules.
  • Site Security/Gate Guard
  • Customer service
  • Follow verbal and written instructions.
  • Report to and assist immediate supervisor.
  • Must work well as part of a team.


Functional Requirements:

  • Monitor incoming and outgoing traffic.
  • Proactive and preventative approach to site security, keeping employees and jobsite safe at Primoris Renewable Energy.
  • Checking identification, directing employees, and verifying/authorizing incoming job site visitors and personnel.
  • Maintains logs, records, and visitor badges.
  • Observe and report suspicious activity.
  • Perform other related duties as necessary.


Qualification Standards:

  • One (1) to four (4) years of experience of Site Security/Gate guard
  • Written pre-employment qualification test.
  • Post-offer drug/alcohol screen and physical evaluation.
  • New Hire Orientation Quiz
  • Applicant/employee must not pose a direct threat to the health or safety of such individual or others in the workplace.
  • Job site safety requirements as required by the client (clean shaven, long sleeves, steel toe boots, etc.).
  • Safety equipment as required by the client (hard hat, safety glasses, gloves, respirator, hearing protection, safety harness with lanyard, etc.).


Physical Requirements:

  • Must comply with company’s drug and alcohol abuse policy.
  • Must be able to pass physical examination, pre-employment if necessary, and as required by the company.
  • Able to climb and maintain balance on ladders, scaffolding, stairways, etc.
  • Stoop, kneel, crouch, crawl, or work at elevated heights as well as in confined spaces (towers, vessels, excavations, etc.).
  • Able to carry 50 lbs. of tool and/or materials. It is recommended to get assistance to lift items over 50 lbs.  Check with your project supervisor or project safety director.
  • Must be able to stand or walk for long periods of time.
  • Must be able to work extended hours on your feet on uneven surfaces (dirt, concrete, asphalt, mud, gravel, etc.)
  • Must be clean shaven and able to work while wearing a respirator and other personal protective equipment, when required.


Work Environment:

  • Location: energy construction sites
  • Mobility Barriers to Access Job Site:
    • Uneven ground level
    • Obstructed pathways
    • Work performed at low and/or high elevations
    • Work performed in confined areas
  • Climatic/Environmental Conditions at Job Site:
    • Predominately outdoor climate
    • May be exposed to extreme hot or cold weather
    • Excessive humidity, rain, etc.
    • Various noise levels caused by tools, machinery, equipment, etc.

Potential exposure to chemical substances