Dry Blend Operator

The Ensign-Bickford Co.

Fallon, MO

This opportunity is located within our AFB International business, the global science and technology leader in pet food palatability. We develop and produce a full range of liquid and dry palatability enhancers using high-quality ingredients proven to optimize companion animal response and consumption. Click here to learn more.

Job Description


This Dry Blend Operator position shall require training in Dry Blending manufacturing process of food flavor(s). This Operator shall be skilled in the use of forklifts, vacuum lifts, bad/Supersack filler, bad sealer, blender, batch controller and other equipment used in the dry blend batch manufacturing process. He/she must be able to operate equipment to dry blend and produce completed goods by adjusting raw material feed systems to monitor and control dry blend packaging parameters. The Dry Blend Operator shall take samples for dry ingredients and finished dry products as part of in-process quality control. As part of the production process, the Operator will use scales, supersacks, lifting and handling equipment. He/she must have training and certification to use forklift and at times provide assistance to other areas per Team Leader/Manufacturing Supervisor’s request. As part of housekeeping, Good Manufacturing Process (GMP), the Dry Blend Operator must maintain clean and orderly work area(s) and follow practices to minimize product contamination. He/She must be aware and communicate with Team Leader/Manufacturing Supervisor the status of the working process to ensure batch integrity. This Operator must be able to work with minimum direct supervision; and be responsible for Hazard Communication, be knowledgeable of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), and Person Protective Equipment (PPE). In addition to the above, this Dry Blend Operator will be required to perform temporary, unusual or miscellaneous duties as directed by the Team Leader/Manufacturing Supervisor; and to complete any other duties as assigned by the Team Leader/Manufacturing Supervisor; restriction or a guarantee of responsibilities for this position. The four (4) major categories with subsidiary factors to constitute the Dry Blend Operator position will be listed as follows:


1. Knowledge of Machinery, Tools and Equipment

Must be familiar in the use of the dry blending, packaging and filling equipment. Must be able to set up and operate the above equipment. Must have thorough knowledge of System(s) to disassemble and reassemble during sanitation/clean-up process on both a daily and weekly basis. Must understand and safely operate electric and hydraulic forklifts. Basic literacy skills. Able to write legibly and read documents. Basic math skills with ability to add, subtract, multiply and divide simple numbers. Basic computer skills.

Knowledge of Materials and Process

Must be familiar with and understand all materials used in Dry Blending. Thorough knowledge of process steps as per blend/batch sheet to monitor and maintain operations. Must be able to locate and identify finished product, raw materials and supplies. Must be trained in proper handling of hazardous chemicals through HazCom and MSDS>

Difficulty of Operation

Motions are simple and repetitive. Simple and repetitive motions such as handling bags and supersacks of various sizes, doing necessary clerical work, operating forklift truck. Dexterity is required in sealing and palletizing of bags, securing and blocking loads within trailer.

Manual Accuracy and Quickness

Controls of this operation require normal coordination.


1. Responsibility for Material and Equipment

High cost equipment. Batch process involves medium cost of materials. High value finished products must be taken into consideration.

Effect on Other Operations

Mixes must be done right according to formula (Quality Control samples taken). If not within the Quality Control specifications, could result in inaccurate filling of customer orders. Possible effect on in-process production due to damaged or wrong delivery of raw materials. Possible effect on customer complaints due to shipping incorrect finished products.


Requires above average concentration while dry blending; maintains alertness on product specifications and constant focus on potential safety hazards.

Necessary Degree of Accuracy

Must fill correctly. Mixes must be blended properly and data recorded accurately. Fully responsible for the accuracy in counting, weights, marking and any other clerical work.

This is a 3rd Shift position - 9:45 PM to 6:15 AM

AFB International is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE). Qualified applicants are considered for employment without regard to race, religion, color, sex, age, disability, sexual orientation, genetic information, national origin, or veteran status.