Eng Supervisor – Electrical

HSI-Electric Boat

Groton, CT


Job Description

Department 427 Virginia Class Propulsion Plant Electrical Lead Design Yard (LDY) requires an engineering supervisor to lead a group of engineers to support continued design development of the VIRGINIA Class electric plant, Forward/Aft power distribution, and electrical portions of the steam plant.  This supervisor will be responsible for the VIRGINIA Payload Module (VPM), Undersea Dominance (UD), and Subsea and Seabed Warfare (SSW). Responsibilities include assignment of work within the group, technical development of engineering personnel, and monitoring/meeting cost, schedule, and performance metrics.


Specific responsibilities for the group will include, but are not limited to:

  • Technical oversight of impacts to the Virginia electric plant/power distribution system in support of VPM/UD/SSW loads
  • Support arrangements in the integration of components in the host ship or new section
  • Support development of design products (e.g. cabling diagrams, wiring tables, wireway and cable drawings, etc)
  • Supporting arrangements in the integration of electrical components in engine room spaces including cableways
  • Supporting periodic design/program reviews
  • Project management including a working knowledge of MS Project, tracking of commitments, EVMS, and ARTEMIS
  • Working closely with design organizations, planning, and program office relative to the development of design products supporting planning/construction activities
  • Training, mentoring, and technical development of all engineers within the group
  • Support of Waterfront Engineering key event and certification efforts


  • A Bachelor of Science degree in electrical (or equivalent)
  • A minimum of 5 years’ experience in electrical engineering or equivalent experience pertaining to job description


  • Knowledge of submarine propulsion plant design and analysis
  • Familiarity with Virginia electric plant principles of operation
  • Call for tasking and management of technical instructions
  • Experience planning and executing complex projects or design changes that involve multiple departments and customers
  • Working with specialty departments (EMI, Shock and Vibration, Special Emphasis)
  • Experience working with advance, detail, and production planning
  • Working with PARMs to ensure system requirements are maintained
  • Processing JCALS ERs that support design changes, resolve construction problems, or material deficiencies via ERMATs
  • Design disclosure progressing though weekly ARTEMIS reports
  • Experience working with equipment vendors supporting design, manufacture, and qualification of electrical components

Applicants should have excellent verbal and written communication skills, and be capable of establishing strong relationships with the Electric Boat shipyard organizations, Virginia Program Office, SUPSHIP, NAVSEA 08K, PMS450, NNL, BPMI, NSWC, PARMs, NRRO, and RPCO.