Escort Driver

K. Component, Inc.

Otterbein, IN

Title:  Escort Driver                                   Status: Part Time

Reports To:  Freight Manager                                                                                                           


Position Description:  Escort drivers main role is to lead our class A CDL drivers with oversized loads throughout their journeys to the delivery site. Travel distance is up to 200 miles from the production facility and will have you home each day. It is the responsibility of the escort driver to ensure that the public is safe on the road while our products are delivered. 

* Versatility - willing to work/help in other areas.

*Benefits to Company – Expand experiences and knowledge in other areas – versatile

*Standards – Ability to accomplish day-to-day tasks and willingness to expand experience knowledge in other areas of the company. Be a “Team Player”.


Qualifications:  Must be 21+ with a clean driving record and the ability to be insured by company insurance carrier. Must pass written and driving test. Ability to pass medical screening which includes pre-employment drug testing.  



  • Prepares the escort vehicle before use, Pre-trip inspection (including checking fluid levels), advise of any defects and rectify as required.
  • Ensures escort vehicle has appropriate amount of fuel for the trip.
  • Maintain awareness of appropriate route information at all times.
  • Keeps headlights on at all times.
  • Ensures strobe light is functioning appropriately.
  • Maintain 2-way communication with loaded truck.
  • Keep loaded truck safe, from the rear, especially peak side.   Not allow motorist to pass on peak side.
  • Assist driver with load securement, delivery protocol, when able.
  • Help driver in tight delivery locations.  Stand where driver can see you, without leaving line of sight, while vehicle moving.
  • When driving, keep a maximum of 500 feet distance between escort vehicle and load.
  • Escort vehicle location in front on 2 lane road.
  • Escort vehicle location at rear on 4 lane road.
  • Avoid slamming on brakes, when running in front of load.
  • Alert load driver to any situations to account for, heavy traffic, left turning vehicle, pedestrian, etc.
  • Hug center line to allow oncoming traffic to take notice of oversize load.
  • Proceed as safe as possible when negotiating a bridge, stop/block oncoming traffic, etc.
  • Protect load driver and load.  In the event an accident is going to happen, ensure the accident happens with the escort vehicle and not the loaded truck.
  • When necessary, drive into subdivision and locate jobsite, then return to escort load to the site.
  • Ensures loaded truck abides by appropriate traffic laws, maximum speed 55 miles per hour, etc.


  • Schedule work activities to allow for completion of each.
  • Record maintenance performed to eliminate unnecessary delays due to breakdowns.
  • Meet with OSHA standards for a safe physical work environment.
  • Report any abnormal conditions observed with your delivery vehicle.
  • Be observant at the job site, note deliveries of products for proof of delivery.
  • Attend training to enhance skills.
  • Note any delivery problems and document them.
  • Safely operate your pilot vehicle.
  • Maximize the use of daylight hours for delivery purposes.