Facilities Maintenance Tech

Overhead Door Co.

Centralia, WA


  • Inspects plant equipment for defects, misalignment, wear, insufficient lubrication.
  • Installs and repairs conduit, splices and insulates wires and cables.
  • Analyzes all types of circuits and wiring diagrams to design, test, service, install, dismantle, repair, adjust, calibrate all types of electronic devices and systems, electronic computing and control systems, power distribution control equipment, measuring, recording, processing and control devices, indicating devices, instruments, gauges, hydraulic, pneumatic and related mechanical instrumentation equipment.
  • Dismantles, cleans, repairs, replaces, erects, moves, installs adjusts, maintains, assembles, and lubricates mechanical and electrical equipment.
  • Build or repair all types, sizes and shapes of jigs, fixtures, tools and dies.
  • Determines the best manner of making repairs to minimize interruption of production.
  • Adjusts all new equipment for proper operating characteristics.
  • Repair or adjust equipment such as main motor drives, generators, control panels, relays, switchboards, circuit breakers, lighting circuits, resistors.
  • Assembles and align gears, bearings, and shafts involving the application of press, sliding and running fits.