Forklift Operator

Mariani Packing Co., Inc.

Vacaville, CA


This position is responsible for safe Forklift operation in the Production Department work areas. Driver is responsible for supplying the assigned processing line with fruit, fiber and raw materials as necessary. Performs general tasks in the production areas involving set-up, operations and clean up. Essential Duties and Responsabilities include the following. Other duties may be assigned.


Accountability #1 (50%): Forklift Operator

  • Supplies Fruit and all raw materials to the assigned production line in a timely manner.
  • Returns all empty bins to the proper storage location.
  • Feeds fruit to the specified line making sure that quality meet specification.
  • Picks up pallets of case goods, supplies, etc. and transports them.
  • Collects and organizes the bin tags for proper reporting to production control.
  • Ensures bin tags are turned in to line operator by item produced.
  • Ensures that the floors are clean around the dumping areas on the production line assigned.
  • Maintains fuel, oil and water supply in forklift.
  • Provides relief for personnel as needed.
  • Maintains correct product availability to production line as directed.
  • Must be certified to operate a forklift. Picks up self dumping hoppers, bins (full and empty), pallets of cased goods, packaging supplies, fruit, chemicals, and transports them.
  • May be required to lift up to 50 pounds on an occasional basis.
  • Must be able to work regularly scheduled and unscheduled overtime including weekend if/when necessary to meet company goals.
  • Perform other duties as required.
  • Actively participates in Continuous Improvement Program (CIP)



  • Ensures product supplied meet production specification.
  • Properly marks product or materials as directed with NC/ WIP/FG codes or other marks.
  • Completes records as necessary.
  • Knows and follow company GMP’s
  • Knows and follow Food Safety Policies
  • Performs proper cleaning.
  • Keeps work area clean and orderly using common cleaning utensils
  • Cleans up production area and elsewhere at end of shift as directed.
  • Performs daily check of Forklift prior to driving.
  • Cleans forklift daily and as required.
  • Completes Forklift check form, turning into supervisor as well as verbal or written notification of potential forklift issues.
  • Knows and follow Forklift Policies while driving (seat belt, safety goggles)
  • WILL NOT operate a lift if it is not in proper safe working condition.
  • Responsible for ensuring safe working conditions and safe work practices in assigned area, including following written procedures for safe handling of materials.



AccoAccountability #2 (30%): Communications

  • Promptly informs Supervisor of known or anticipated problems
  • Ensures clear and timely communication with production staff to maximize productivity and minimize down time
  • Acts as a problem solver and a team player
  • Must have good written and verbal communication skills
  • Plays an active role on quality management teams within the organization