Glass Apprentice

Simon Pearce Co.

Windsor, VT

Job Details

Job Location:    Headquarters - Windsor, VT
Position Type:    Full Time
Salary Range:    $16.00 - $22.00 Hourly
Job Category:    Manufacturing

Position Summary:
As a Glass Apprentice, your primary objective is to learn and understand production glassblowing processes and how to work safely with other production workers around you.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Learn basic skills of gathering and carrying glass
  • Maintain a safe work environment following all protocol and safety standards
  • Learn from and solicit constructive feedback from more experienced co-workers
  • Learn how to maintain the shop area, pipes, tools, moulds, etc.
  • Meet and maintain a high level of respect for customers and co-workers while representing the company during the working day

Secondary Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Maintain a clean work area, setting up the shop for production and cleaning the shop area at the end of each shift
  • All other duties as assigned

Required Qualifications:

  • Interest in the processes of production glassblowing
  • Related experience or coursework preferred
  • Must be able to lift up to twenty (20) pounds of glass on a frequent basis and lift up to 50lb. cast ironmould
  • Ability to comprehend written and verbal instructions and communication and effectivelycommunicate ideas and/or instructions to other members of the organization
  • Basic math skills a must to understand production needs and requirements

Success Factors:

  • Team player
  • Exceptional attention to detail and focus
  • Comfort working with a public audience

Physical Demands & Work Environment:

  • Requires standing, sitting, walking, stooping, crouching, kneeling, leaning, and using steps for 8+hour shifts
  • Consistently using arms, wrist, hands, and fingers to manipulate tools and shape hot glass and keep the glass constantly moving on the blow pipe and in any moulds that may be used
  • Lifting and carrying anywhere from a few ounces to upwards of ten pounds of glass on the end of a five foot blow pipe
  • Production of certain items requires lifting the glass head high
  • Regularly lift moulds that are made of wood, graphite, or cast iron and can weigh up to fifty (50) pounds.
  • Glass temperatures of up to 2,300 degrees Fahrenheit in the furnace create high temperatures in the production space
  • The work exposes employee to UV light and extreme heat, P.P.E. is supplied
  • Exposure to [dust] airborne particles, moving mechanical parts, noise, and equipment that is hot tothe touch


  • During the apprenticeship (typically 6 months) the base wage is $14 per hour with a fixed hourly incentive of $2 per hour. Once the apprentice period is successfully completed, piece rate incentives range from $4-8 per hour in the first year, and can be even higher depending on individual productivity and skills.
  • The Simon Pearce Glassblowing Department is hiring in all manufacturing locations: Oakland, MD; Quechee, VT; and Windsor, VT.


Simon Pearce is committed to the policy of equal employment opportunity and to provide all employees with the work environment necessary to enable them to advance on merit as far as their talents and skills will take them, without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability, genetic information, status as a protected class of veteran, or any other legally protected status.