Hotel Houseperson – Gold Strike

Cherokee Federal

Tunica, MS

•   Ensure that assigned areas are kept clean and neat.
•   Clean ash urns constantly, clean and dust lamps, mirrors, pictures, etc.; mop and clean all marble or tile floors in assigned areas.
•   Deliver requested items, such as refrigerators, pillows, rollaways, cribs, etc., to guest rooms.
•   Empty all trash and linen from the Guest Room Attendants’ carts as needed.
•   Maintain inventory levels, deliver supplies to assigned lockers, and stock them.
•   Follow Quick Flood Response procedures, safety procedures, general clean/pull room procedures, and quarterly mattress-flipping procedures.
•   Clean restrooms in assigned areas, vacuum all halls, lobbies, and edges; clean all hall railings, and marks on the wallpaper, stairwells, and lockers.
•   Perform all other job-related duties as requested.


•   Work varied shifts, including weekends and holidays.

•   High school diploma or equivalent.
•   Bilingual, English as the primary or secondary language.
•   Experience in a related field.
•   Experience in a similar resort setting.

•   Knowledgeable of all cleaning procedures, equipment, and supplies, and able to follow directions effectively.
•   Able to effectively communicate in English, in both written and verbal forms.
•   Excellent organizational skills to function effectively under time constraints and within established deadlines, with particular attention to detail.
•   Effective listening abilities with strong judgment skills.
•   Excellent customer service skills and interpersonal skills to effectively communicate with all business contacts.
•   Maintain a professional, neat, and well-groomed appearance adhering to company standards.

•   Must be able to lift at least eighty (80) lbs. at a time, have physical stamina, and proper mental attitude to deal effectively with guests, management, and other employees.
•   Must be able to push and maneuver a loaded standard utility cart weighing one hundred (100) to two hundred fifty (250) lbs.
•   Must be able to keep pace with Guest Room Attendants and remove trash and linen in a timely manner.
•   Must possess the ability to constantly move freely around the hotel, and withstand various activities such as constant walking, standing, reaching, bending from the waist, and occasional climbing, crawling and kneeling.
•   Must be able to work in a fast-paced, busy, and occasionally noisy environment with frequent dirt, dust, smoke, and fumes, and work indoors, with occasional cold or warm temperatures.

*This is not intended to include every duty or responsibility of the job nor is it intended to be an all-inclusive list of the skills and abilities required to do this job.

This position may require strenuous physical activities and exposure to pipe, cigar, and/or cigarette smoking. An ability to work a flexible schedule, including extended hours, weekends, and holidays may also be required.

Physical/Sensory Requirements & Work Environment Form

This is a required checklist for attachment to Position Descriptions. It clarifies the smallest components of the mental and physical requirements of the job. Check all areas that are essential in performing the job, according to the essential functions section in the position description guidelines. Signatures are to be obtained at the time of the interview for the position.
•   This role includes frequent forward bending as well as squatting and kneeling.
•   A firm grasp is needed while cleaning objects and utilizing cleaning tools.
•   Constant walking, reaching, balancing, and grasping items.
•   This role also includes lifting carrying and pushing up to 30 lbs.