Innovation Project Manager

Cherokee Federal

San Antonio, TX

An Innovation Project Manager oversees and drives innovative projects within an organization, ensuring successful execution and fostering a culture of creativity and growth. They possess a strong blend of project management and innovation expertise to lead cross-functional teams in developing and implementing groundbreaking ideas and initiatives. Throughout the project lifecycle, the Innovation Project Manager ensures effective communication, coordination, and collaboration among team members, fostering an environment conducive to creativity and innovation. They track progress, manage risks, and implement strategies to overcome obstacles, ensuring the successful delivery of projects within budget and timeline constraints.


Compensation & Benefits:

Estimated Starting Salary Range for Innovation Project Manager: $120K to $125K

Full time benefits include Medical, Dental, Vision, 401K and other possible benefits as provided. Benefits are subject to change with or without notice.


Innovation Project Manager Responsibilities Include:

· Develop comprehensive project plans, including objectives, timelines, and resource allocation, to ensure successful execution of innovative initiatives.

· Lead cross-functional teams, foster effective communication and collaboration, and provide guidance and support throughout the project lifecycle.

· Identify and prioritize innovative ideas, conduct market research, assess feasibility, and make informed decisions on project selection.

· Identify and manage risks associated with innovation projects, develop mitigation strategies, and ensure proactive risk assessment throughout the project.

· Engage and collaborate with key stakeholders, gather project requirements, manage expectations, and provide regular project updates.

· Budget and Resource Management: Monitor project budgets, allocate resources effectively, and optimize resource utilization to deliver projects within financial constraints.

· Contribute to the development and implementation of innovation strategies aligned with organizational goals, fostering a culture of creativity and innovation.

· Promote a learning mindset, encourage feedback and idea sharing, and facilitate lessons learned sessions to drive continuous improvement and innovation within the organization.

· Monitor project progress, track key performance indicators, and prepare regular status reports for stakeholders and senior management.

· Collaborate with external partners, including USACE, NAVFAC, other AF Branches, county and state agencies, and private & public landowners, to leverage external expertise and resources for innovation projects.

· Implement change management practices to support the adoption of innovative solutions and drive organizational transformation.

· Evaluate the success and impact of innovation projects, gather feedback from stakeholders, and identify opportunities for further improvement.

· Performs other job-related duties as assigned


Innovation Project Manager Experience, Education, Skills, Abilities requested:

· A bachelor's degree in a relevant field such as business administration, project management, innovation management, or a related discipline is required.

· Master's Degree in a relevant field such as business administration, project management, innovation management, or a related discipline is preferred.

· Minimum of 10 years’ experience in AF Real Property Acquisitions and Transactions

· Knowledge and understanding of AF Real Property processes, methodologies, and frameworks. Ability to generate and evaluate innovative ideas, identify market trends, and assess the feasibility of new concepts.

· Proficiency in AF project management principles, methodologies, and tools. Ability to develop and execute project plans, manage budgets and resources, track progress, and mitigate risks. Knowledge of Agile, Scrum, or other project management methodologies is beneficial.

· Strong leadership skills to guide cross-functional teams, foster collaboration, and inspire creativity. Ability to motivate and manage diverse teams, facilitate effective communication, and resolve conflicts.

· Ability to think strategically and align innovation initiatives with organizational goals and objectives. Knowledge of business strategy development and implementation to ensure that innovation projects contribute to the overall strategic direction.

· Strong analytical and critical thinking skills to identify problems, evaluate options, and make informed decisions. Ability to apply creative problem-solving techniques and adapt to changing circumstances.

· Excellent verbal and written communication skills to effectively convey ideas, engage stakeholders, and provide project updates. Ability to build strong relationships, manage expectations, and influence key stakeholders.

· Ability to identify and assess risks associated with real property projects and develop mitigation strategies. Knowledge of risk management principles and techniques to proactively address potential obstacles.

· Understanding of change management principles to effectively implement and drive organizational change resulting from real property projects. Ability to communicate the benefits of change and engage stakeholders in the adoption of innovative solutions.

· Flexibility to adapt to evolving project requirements and changing business environments. Resilience to overcome obstacles and learn from failures to drive continuous improvement.

· Ability to collaborate with external partners, such USACE, NAVFAC, other AF Branches, county and state agencies, and private & public landowners to leverage external resources and expertise. Strong networking skills to connect with relevant professionals and stay updated with industry trends.

· Must be highly proficient using standard business computer software including Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access, and Project)

· Must pass pre-employment qualifications of Cherokee Federal

· Must be a US citizen

· Must be able to pass a National Agency Check Investigations (NACI)/SF85 background check and drug screen


Company Information:

Cherokee Nation Strategic Programs (CNSP) provides support, services, and solutions to federal and commercial customers. The company takes a personalized approach to solving our clients' toughest challenges, helping you make the most of your skills. CNSP is part of Cherokee Federal – a team of tribally owned federal contracting companies. For more information, visit


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Please Note: This position is pending a contract award.

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Legal Disclaimer: Cherokee Federal is an equal opportunity employer. Please visit for information regarding our Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Employer Statement, Accommodation request, and Presidential EO 14042 Notice.