Lead CSR

Aramark Uniform Services, LLC

Duluth, MN


Responsible for the completion of designated route and customer activities as directed by service management. These duties include (but are not limited to): route relief, on-boarding/training of new CSR’s, customer premise installations (for example, dispensers), new customer installations and other customer related activities as assigned. Provide excellent customer service to each and every customer on each delivery and seek to identify opportunities to improve customer relations and identifies growth opportunities. Executes work in accordance with Company safety guidelines in a productive and efficient manner. Ensures delivery vehicle and equipment are clean, maintained, and used in a safe manner. This position is required to follow Company policies and legal requirements, including, but not limited to: Statement of Business Ethics; equal opportunity; confidentiality/non-disclosure; and harassment-free, respectful, violence-free and drug-free workplace. Position will be required to hold Commercial motor vehicle certifications and licenses to directly work a delivery route as needed to meet customer service objectives.


Typical tasks and activities for this job include, but are not limited to the items listed below. Additional duties may be assigned as needed by management.

Overall Duties

--Provides route relief on delivery routes, as directed by manager (CSM, COM or GM/Branch Mgr.), in a safe and efficient manner to provide seamless service to customers.

--Communicates with CSR’s in advance, when possible, to seek out specifics about route coverage before route relief periods.

--Creates and maintains route relief schedule for assigned routes to be approved weekly by service management.

--While on route relief identifies opportunities to improve inventory management, customer satisfaction and identifies additional products and services that may benefit customers. Communicates these opportunities to the CSM/SCM and CSR responsible for route.

--Assists as needed with the on-boarding and training of CSRs as directed by management.

--Adheres, practices and promotes effective use of CSR processes.

--Uses service tools and systems (example: Handheld) in an efficient and effective manner and is a recognized expert in utilization of systems.

--Attends Service Team meetings as required to engage in education and participate in communication on service topics.

--Installs customer premise equipment (for example, dispensers) as required and trains customers on proper usage.

--Participates in the installation of new customer accounts as assigned. Ensures that CSR is briefed on customer requirements.

--Maintains clean, professional, and tidy personal grooming. Wears the Company-supplied uniform while completing job duties.

--Consistently seeks improvement and excellence in job skills and customer interactions.

--Adheres to standard procedures in support of Company-wide operational, financial, service, and safety goals.


--Practices appropriate lifting and carrying techniques and ensures that movements are conducted in a safe manner.

--Operates vehicle in a safe and responsible manner at all times adhering to applicable federal, state, and local driving and road usage laws.

--Safely drives to assigned customer locations. Completes deliveries as scheduled in an efficient manner.

Product Delivery and Pick Up

--Where applicable by branch: Loads product onto delivery vehicle each day ensuring there will be enough product to meet the load list requirements; notifies supervisor of shortfalls before departing.

--Organizes product in vehicle in a logical manner to allow efficient delivery of clean goods and separated collection of soiled goods.

--Handles and processes healthcare and clean room product in a hygienic manner, according to standard procedures.

--Reviews customer inventories and storage areas on each visit. Ensures proper levels of goods are left, removes excess inventory, and ensures storage area is left neat, clean, and orderly.

--Collects soiled goods (records quantities as required) and stores goods in vehicle in a safe and efficient manner.

--Where applicable by branch: Upon return to the branch or service center, places all collected soiled goods into push carts (or other designated material handling equipment) for delivery to designated storage area. Removes any excess inventories from the vehicle on a daily basis.

--Properly separates, identifies (as necessary), and delivers return-to-stock garments to the correct drop-off area.

Invoice and Account Management

--Prior to each assigned delivery day, reviews customer paperwork for accuracy, special needs, or considerations.

--Ensures any adjustments are recorded immediately. Typical activities include but are not limited to:

----COD customer payment collection

----Accounts receivable collection

----Adding or deleting wearers

----Accurately counting returned garments for proper billing of lost goods

----Inventory adjustments

----Special orders (e.g. extra linen for a club banquet)

----Disposables and Direct Sales

-----Credit or debit adjustments

--At the end of each route day verifies all delivery data is reconciled and properly recorded

during the route settlement process.

Customer Retention

--Demonstrate the highest level of customer service in the execution of all activities.

--Act as the “eyes and ears” of the company to monitor and seek feedback from customers on perceived levels of service. Act upon customer requests to enhance service.

--Seek at all times to maintain positive business relationships with existing customers. Ensure timely adherence to established service programs, including Complete Customer Care.

--Handle customer questions and concerns in a proactive and timely manner in compliance with corporate programs and procedures. Communicate all issues in a timely manner to the C3 Coordinator, CSM, or COM.

--Provide instruction on proper linen usage and conservation procedures to customers in a consultative manner

Customer Solutions

--Consult with customers on additional product options and ensure that the customer is put into contact with the CSM when the opportunity is complex.

--Remain up to date on offerings and adjust consultation to customers as needed.

--Provide observations to sales and service team partners on new prospects that may have opened along assigned routes. Participate in Lead Programs to turn in those opportunities to the sales team.

--Handle customer complaints in a proactive and timely manner in compliance with corporate programs and procedures. Communicate all issues in a timely manner to the C3 Coordinator, CSM, or COM.

Vehicle Maintenance

--Inspect and maintain vehicle supplies and equipment in accordance with pre- and post-inspection requirements. Report maintenance issues immediately. Vehicle supplies include items such as fuel, oil, water, tires, lights, and brakes, to ensure proper working condition.

--Report any and all vehicle accidents, mechanical issues, or malfunctions immediately.

--Ensure vehicle follows established maintenance and review programs.

--Ensure vehicle is kept in a neat and orderly manner.

Organizational Functions

--Follow company values [Integrity, Trust , Responsibility and Respect] in day-to-day execution of duties.

--Adheres to Company Code of Business Conduct.

--Maintain an active and proactive approach to developing his/her own competencies around this service related role.

The requirements listed above are representative of the standard job duties required for all locations. Additional specific work detail and instruction may vary by location.


Supervisory Responsibilities

--This position will not have any direct supervisory responsibility.

Team and Work Orientation

--This position will be expected to work with various individuals and teams in a branch and to collaboratively support, develop, and execute service effort(s). Position is expected to work with all customers and company employees in a friendly, proactive and collaborative manner.

Work Environment

This position works in an industrial laundry environment. This position will spend the majority of the day in a vehicle traveling to customer locations. Customer locations may be heavy industrial settings, medical offices, school, offices, or hospitality establishments.


Potential candidates for this job will be sought that have strong indication of capability with the following items.

Commercial Vehicles Operation

--Must be physically qualified to drive a Commercial Motor Vehicle and carry a medical examiners certificate stating such qualifications as dictated by Company, Federal (Such as FMCSR 391.41) or Provincial regulations in the country in which the job duties will take place.

Minimum Education/Experience

--Proven record of punctual work attendance.

--Basic Math reasoning skills.

--Excellent driving record.

--Lifting Ability: up to 100 pounds: Push/Pull Ability; up to 300 pounds – assisted.

--Capability to work in a fast paced work environment.

--Capability to work with people and teams in a collaborative and supportive manner strongly desired.

Preferred Education or Experience

--Two years industrial laundry experience or route service experience.


Potential candidates for this job will be sought that have best mix of capability and or proficiency

with the following key skills that have been determined important for success in this job.

Work Activities

Typical workplace activities for this position include, but are not limited to:

Performing General Physical Activities, Operating Vehicles, Mechanized Devices, or

Equipment, Handling and Moving Objects, Performing for or Working Directly with the Public,

Equipment Maintenance, Processing Information, and Time Management.

Communication Skills:

Typical communication and interpersonal skills for this position include, but are not limited to:

Communicating with Supervisors, Peers, Service orientation, Social Perceptiveness, Oral and

Written Comprehension and Expression and Active Listening.