Machine Operator

Adirondack Beverages Corp.

Fitzgerald, GA


- This posting is specific to the Fitzgerald, GA - 

Overview: Safe operation of palletizer, depalletizer, packer, filler, and work as cohesive member of the production line team


•    Inspect all trays for proper scoring and lamination
•    Verify the proper cardboard is being used for the product being run
•    Ensure all flaps are glued properly
•    Watch for glue overspray on bottles
•    Record accurate case counts on operator count sheets
•    Inspect the cans for proper color and litho
•    Inspect the cans for proper enamel coating on the interior wall of the cans
•    Inspect the cans for foreign ingredients and/or contaminants
•    Monitor for pinholes in cans and remove as discovered
•    Monitor for dented cans and bag for recycling efforts
•    Monitor integrity of pallets raw materials arrive on and infeed to depalletizer
•    Monitor the conveyor system leading from the depalletizer to the wall
•    Be knowledgeable of the bell system in place for cutoffs and flavor changes
•    Reduce filler stoppages by pulling all visibly dented cans off the raw material pallets prior to such being loaded on the depalletizer in feed conveyor
•    Ensure proper application of stretch wrap on full pallets, reseal broken wrap
•    Verify oil levels, soap running on filler, valves operational, rinser operational.
•    Monitor conveyor for jams near and in the tunnel and correct when discovered
•    Watch for can problems such as misassembles or dented/wrinkled cans and remove as discovered
•    Promote cleanliness in the palletizer area: throw away cases or bottles which fall on the floor, monitor the area for bad cases, ensure the floor and area on and around the machine are clean and debris free, ensure the machine and area are clean when line is complete
•    Report any mechanical, raw material or procedural problems
•    Other duties as assigned by Supervisor or Foreman

Minimum Requirements:

•    Ability to lift 50 lbs.