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Job Description:

The Mechanic Technician performs all maintenance work as assigned by the Maintenance Planner and/or the Maintenance Lead or Advisor according to the specifications as outlined in applicable Visual Work Instruction and proactive maintenance techniques. Additionally, the Mechanic Technician is responsible for responding to production calls when needed. The Technician performs each assignment using the appropriate replacement parts and coordinates the schedule for the work with the Maintenance Team Leader and production leadership as needed. The Technician performs work to maximize process reliability and minimize negative impacts on production schedules.

Technician Levels & Electives:

Level 1 – Intermediate technician requiring abilities to safely perform basic maintenance activities and general machine operations as directed or assigned. May be required to train operators in areas of expertise or in general equipment care and operation of equipment.

Level 2 – Experienced technician with abilities to independently perform, document, and train others in areas of expertise on maintenance activities as assigned. Can apply learned skills and utilize tools to improve equipment reliability.

Level 3 – Advanced technician requiring abilities to perform complex maintenance activities, which includes problem solving, critical thinking, and demonstration of abilities to improve processes and equipment reliability. Understands materials and maintenance activities well enough to train others, to develop and facilitate training to peers or lower level mechanics, and to improve processes. Process improvement may include developing people, developing maintenance activities, developing work instructions, drawings, diagrams, or more complex parts.

Electives – Electives are specialty areas that a partner may develop advanced skills. Electives may be requested or required based on the skills and interests of the mechanic in areas that fulfill company needs or requirements. Partners proficient in certain electives may be asked to train others in those areas, and will be assigned work requiring the elective skill set. Most positions require general proficiency at level 1 for elective areas.

Essential Functions:

Perform all process CP, CCP, QP, and CQP checks required for the position. Follow reaction plans for Food Safety, Food Quality and customer requirement deviations. Be able to identify and understand customer requirements and assist in assuring proper production operation. Must follow Good Manufacturing Practices and good housekeeping guidelines. Must follow safety guidelines, wear designated Personal Protective Equipment, conform to regulatory requirements and assure Food Safety measures are followed. The Technician performs maintenance work within the allocation of time needed to complete. All work performed and parts used will be documented in the CMMS. Modifies, fabricates and upgrades to production equipment following process change procedure if applicable. Performs identified corrective work as assigned. Implements and completes preventive maintenance tasks. Uses preventive and predictive maintenance techniques and tools to generate corrective work requests and improve equipment reliability. Predictive tool and technique examples include but are not limited to: Ultrasonic, Infrared, oil analysis, various vibration analysis tools, and laser alignment tools. Conducts troubleshooting and repair activities. Identifies parts, supplies, and tools needed for follow up corrective work or as needed. Ensures proper accountability for the parts/supplies/tools used. Tracks and reports pertinent performance metric information to assist in creating action plans and improvement ideas based on the tracking data. Continues training as directed for certification levels and to stay current in maintenance techniques. Responsible for logging all work into the Work Order system with amount of time spent and specific location accurately documented. Work Orders should account for 70-80% of a Maintenance Technician’s work day. Repair and develop complex parts such as guards and shields. Assigns functions in eAM and performs work in compliance with VWI’s, CMMS Use variety of power tools, tap and die, mill, lathe, (volt/multi-meter, soldering iron, bearing heater, laser alignment tool, infrared, ultrasonic and Megger may be level 3 at some plants). Repair and trouble shoot basic systems. Change out bearings and seals. Troubleshoot and repair motors and transmissions. Differentiate and repair mechanical corrective maintenance or like kind electrical replacement repairs of process equipment. Remove, Repair and/or Replace more complicated areas of machinery such as walking beams, die wheels, film drives, etc. Demonstrate and use various troubleshooting tools and meters. Troubleshoot using equipment manuals, schematics or blueprints. Perform peer to peer technical training in areas of expertise as assigned or required. Ability to train operators on advanced equipment care and operation as assigned or required. Demonstrate ability to arc weld, MIG and TIG weld. Understandings of HAZWOPER team, processes and personnel critical to HAZWOPER Use precision tools, proper setup of lathe and mill. Troubleshoot routine electrical and controller problems using P&ID schematics. Basic understanding of system from a purpose and functionality standpoint. Can read analog gages and HMI’s to detect alarms or operational discrepancies. Understand Emergency shutdown procedures. Understand hazards, types of equipment. Can read analog gauges and HMI’s to detect alarms or operational discrepancies. Understand Emergency shutdown procedures. Basic understanding of system from a purpose and functionality standpoint. Can identify and request follow up work for leaks or other basic system malfunctions. Basic understanding of system from a purpose and functionality standpoint. Understand hazards of high speed rotational equipment, compressed gases. Knowledge of safety systems and personal safety procedures for general evacuation or alarm response. Understand Emergency shutdown procedures. Basic understanding and knowledge of receipt of gas deliveries Basic understanding of system from a purpose and functionality standpoint. Has general knowledge of main electrical feeds and can use the one line drawing to isolate or locate major electrical components or panels. Has general knowledge of main water supply feeds, backflow preventers, main water shut off, and branch isolation valves. Has general knowledge of plant fire system and area zones, system triggers, and most common faults. Can locate and read trouble codes on panels. Can communicate codes effectively and follow basic reset commands via telephone if needed or assigned.

Educational/Experience/Skills Required: (Minimum Level)

Must pass Maintenance Testing. Required


Must be able to perform at the described skill level in order to attain and retain the level certification. Continued learning to achieve certification or required skills and abilities as dictated by company needs required to attain and retain level certification. The ability to communicate with leadership, vendors, contractors, other maintenance partners, line operators via phone, fax, email, text, and person-to-person. Level 3 technicians may be required to meet trainer qualifications to perform peer to peer training. Level 1 and 2 technicians may receive or provide peer to peer training assignments as needed and directed. Overtime can be expected if the workload requires it. Overtime can be expected when other Maintenance partners are away from work. Scheduling will be performed in accordance to plant scheduling policy. The position will require continuous advancement of technical knowledge and skills. Applicants must demonstrate success in training courses, and will be expected to actively participate in assigned or elected training courses to refresh fundamental skills and match technology needs within the company. The position will require the ability to multi-task and the ability to shift priorities quickly Testing Required - Applicants must pass the company’s testing requirement and local plant tests for maintenance positions.








Climb Ladder

Working at elevated levels including scissor lift and sky jack

Work Overhead

Forklift Use

Lift/Carry up to 50 pounds

Qualifying positions offer:
  • A 401(k) plan that includes up to an 8 percent Schreiber match and has been recognized as Best-in-Class for companies with 5,000-plus employees.
  • A unique Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)
  • An opportunity to share in the company’s success through our pay-for-performance incentive plan.
  • Competitive medical, prescription drug, dental and vision benefits without a waiting period, including second-opinion medical consultation with specialists
  • Wellness resources, including a fitness reimbursement program and access to an interactive personalized online wellness program
  • Paid vacation and holidays
  • Relocation assistance
  • Professional growth and development opportunities through training and our Education Assistance Program

​For positions that require any amount of travel: Valid driver's license, auto insurance (at least state minimum- more might be required), acceptable driving record per Schreiber Foods discretion, and vehicle that will ensure applicant can meet the travel necessities of the position are required.

Schreiber requires that an employee have authorization to work in the country in which the role is based. In the event, an applicant does not have current work authorization, Schreiber will determine, in its sole discretion, whether to sponsor an individual for work authorization. However, based on immigration requirements, not all roles are suitable for sponsorship.

An Equal Opportunity Employer, all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, or protected veteran status and will not be discriminated against on the basis of disability.

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