Mechanical Design Engineer

Overhead Door Co.

Corpus Christi, TX

The Position

Performs a variety of engineering work in planning and design of products, tools,  machines and other mechanically functioning equipment and mechanical industrial processes. 
Works with other engineering disciplines in developments to increase production quality, efficiency, or volume.
Defines, documents, analyzes, performs, and interprets developmental tests for new and/or modified products or product components. 
Investigates and resolves operational problems in conjunction with other engineering and technical personnel.
Provides technical support and advice to distributors, architects, the production floor and other engineering groups. 
Acts as liaison with outside suppliers in establishing or modifying specifications for purchased items. 
Devises and applies testing procedures for parts or sub-assemblies received from outside vendors.
 Participates in the development, maintenance and refinement of internal quality control and reliability programs.


Research new and existing technologies for applications to our products to enhance operational performance and reliability.
Manage new product design projects and develop ways to implement changes in our products.
Construct prototypes of new products and ensure that their designed usage meet the product specifications.
Manage product testing for special applications and manage any outside vendors that may participate in the testing.
Perform life cycle testing on proposed cost reducing material to ensure that they meet the product specifications indicated and meet expectations.
Compile technical data and information for Distributors to use for project submittals.
Manage, support and correct production issues when they fall within the engineering area whenever the problems arise on the production floor.
Acts as liaison with outside suppliers in establishing or modifying specifications for purchased items.
Create project scope, budget, timeline, etc. for each project that is assigned.
Liaison with codes and standards groups (e.g. UL) to obtain product approvals and certifications.

Other Responsibilities

Perform structural calculations as required by Distributors for project submittal.
Clarify code and technical requirements for Distributors.
Redesign products for special applications or special functions.
Answer technical questions and troubleshoot problems in the field for the Distributors.
Answer architect questions concerning our products performance and capabilities.
Other duties as assigned by supervisor.