Non-Ferrous Weighmaster Scale Op

SA Recycling, LLC

Lithia Springs, GA

Job Duties

Including, but not limited to:
• Weigh vehicles full and empty to record purchases.
• Inspect and determine metal grade for inventory tracking.
• Handle paperwork associated with conducting business, delivery transactions, and government-required documentation.
• Communicates with dispatch and truck drivers to determine schedules and volumes.
• Communicates with customers when they bring objectionable materials.
• Works with customers to satisfy their needs and assist them when problems arise.
• Work with other employees in the scrap metal yard to ensure swift work when materials arrive.
• Process and reports end of day totals
• Ascending and descending staircases for inspections of loads
• Adhere to specific dress code for the position (no restrictive or excessively loose clothing or accessories that could pose a safety hazard)
• Clean up work area at the end of shift
• Keep work areas neat and orderly
• Regular attendance and punctuality are essential job functions
• Organizing materials to have more effective use of space
• Dispose of various waste materials in the appropriate manner
• Inspection to ensure cleanup is completed
• Effective housekeeping in workplace area is an ongoing operation for safety and better hygienic conditions for all team members

*Monday - Friday 7:45am - 4pm  Saturday - 7:45am - 12pm


Employees in this position prior to April 2014 are presumed to be qualified and are "grandfathered" into their positions.
• Must pass a medical physical and drug test
• Must pass a background check and credit check
• Preferred – high school diploma or GED and/or foreign education acceptable
• Bi-lingual (English & Spanish) language skills a plus
• Ability to: communicate with others effectively; understand direction (written or oral) and use basic math skills as the job demands
• Willingness to learn how to: sort metal, identify colors, shapes, and weights; properly maintain equipment; properly utilize PPE

Job Expectations

Comply with all applicable federal, state, local, & SA Recycling safety, health, & environmental rules, regulations, policies, & procedures.

Physical Requirements

Work Environment: Office, Scale office, Scale outdoors
• Equipment & Tools: Office equipment and PPE.
• Physical Demand Level: Light to Moderate
• Work Capacity: Weighmaster work capacity
• Sensory Demands: Hearing, vision, smell, touch and taste
• Hand Movements: Repetitive motions, keyboard