On-Site Specialist/Field Service Representative

Kreg Therapeutics, Inc.

Portland, OR


On Site Specialist

Our mission is to help hospitals improve the management and outcomes of their most complex patients.

Kreg’s Beds provide an innovative modality to get complex patients out of bed, mobilized and stabilized so they can progress to PT, LTACH, and ultimately home. Because not all the patients are the same, not all the beds should be the same. Kreg’s offers a unique portfolio of specialty beds and 24/7 rental services to allow clinicians to safely and efficiently mobilize those complex patients. We are a small company, on a mission to stand out from the crowd and make Kreg Beds the #1 hospital partner to deliver better outcomes for complex patients.

The On-Site Specialist will report directly to the Account Manager in each market and is the direct liaison between Kreg Therapeutics and the clinicians at each hospital we operate. Each Specialist will manage 2-3 hospitals. The Onsite Specialist is responsible for promoting product usage in current accounts by educating clinicians and supporting utilization of our Vertical Bed technology in the ICU, as well as our Bariatric beds.

The Field Service Representative (FSR)  is responsible for the delivery, service, and pick-up of Kreg Therapeutics’ rental medical equipment. FSR’s must be able to communicate with Central Dispatch and mindfully assist with customer needs. FSR’s prepare equipment for patient use with meticulous maintenance, disinfecting and testing.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Drive high growth in current accounts by educating clinicians and promoting utilization of our Vertical Bed technology
  • Educate and promote the benefits of our Bariatric bed in current accounts
  • Promote product usage in current accounts to accelerate adoption and drive growth
  • Assist with Therapy & Clinical support of patients and skilled hospital staff
  • Maintain and cultivate high quality service levels
  • Support Account Manager conducting demonstrations and evaluations in interested accounts
  • Support the local operations team with Bed Fleet Management if needed
  • Become skilled at testing, troubleshooting, operating all Kreg Therapeutics products and help clinicians with usage, operation, and troubleshooting of beds
  • Accurately complete daily reporting requirements.
  • Always maintain communication with central dispatch regarding customer orders.
  • Completed orders in the designated time frame.
  • Engage with hospital staff to provide optimal customer service on training and educating around the proper use of products
  • Partners with hospital staff to share thoughts and work together to move the business forward
  • Must be able to climb up and down a two-foot step from the truck deck to ground level multiple times per day.
  • Deliver, service and pick-up medical equipment from facilities.
  • Meet all competency expectations to operate a 26-foot box truck. Meets all company safe driving expectations.

Why work for Kreg Therapeutics?

  • Our products will allow you to make a significant impact in patient care as we serve your community to provide the highest standards of care.
  • You’ll get closer to the mission. There’s less corporate jargon and bureaucracy getting in the way of what you can do and accomplish as a professional.
  • You can wear many hats. Instead of delegating tasks, you’ll figure out how to get them done—and learn a lot in the process.
  • You’ll work more closely with senior leaders. Instead of seeing the CEO once a year, you’ll work right next to him
  • You’ll experience a lot of camaraderie. Teamwork is a big part of our small family-like culture.
  • You can move quickly on your ideas. If you have a proposal, you can try it out quickly without a lot of red tape.
  • You can experiment. You’ll have plenty of chances to test new ideas—and you’ll be encouraged to do so. We hate “boxes”, “lanes” and “silos”
  • You’ll feel a sense of ownership.

Benefits include:

  • Comprehensive Benefit package (Medical, Dental, Vision, 401K & Life Insurance)
  • Paid travel expenses
  • Kreg phone & laptop
  • Vacation, Personal & Sick time


  • 1- 3 years in sales, customer service or clinical role
  • Experience as a bio-medical technician, field service engineer/technician or medical equipment technician preferred
  • A proven track record in the ability to persuade clinicians to consider and embrace new ideas, with an emphasis on new patient care practices, based upon clinical evidence and new, innovative technologies