Operations Labor – Ferrous

SA Recycling, LLC

Coachella, CA

Job Duties

Including, but not limited to:
• Unloading pallets, boxes, and bundles
• Material handling / sorting – pushing, pulling, picking, lifting, carrying, and filling up hoppers, boxes, and conveyor belts
• Unpacking boxes using box cutters, separating plastics, zip ties, blister packs, and other packaging materials
• Disassembling small equipment, cutting wires, torqueing pipefittings, removing bolts, automobile parts, and appliance parts.
• Work with recycling equipment for processing metal product e.g. metal shears, band saw and wire strippers
• Direct traffic of yard vehicles traveling through yard
• Light facility maintenance – painting, scraping, moving furniture and equipment
• Maintenance – selecting and using tools properly, pulling and installing parts for machinery, working with other employees to assist machinery repair
• Housekeeping – sweeping, cleaning, shoveling, and debris collection
• Moderate and Periodic landscaping work
• Clean up work area at the end of shift
• Keep work areas neat and orderly
• Regular attendance and punctuality are essential job functions
• Organizing materials to have more effective use of space
• Dispose of various waste materials in the appropriate manner
• Inspection to ensure cleanup is completed
• Effective housekeeping in workplace area is an ongoing operation for safety and better hygienic conditions for all team members.


Employees in this position prior to April 2014 are presumed to be qualified and are "grandfathered" into their positions.
• Must pass a medical physical and drug test
• Must pass a background check
• Preferred – high school diploma or GED and/or foreign education acceptable
• Bi-lingual (English & Spanish) language skills a plus
• Ability to: communicate with others effectively; understand direction (written or oral) and use basic math skills as the job demands
• Willingness to learn how to: sort metal, identify colors, shapes, and weights; properly maintain equipment; properly utilize PPE

Job Expectations

Comply with all applicable federal, state, local, & SA Recycling safety, health, & environmental rules, regulations, policies, & procedures.

Physical Requirements

• Work Environment: Scrap metal yard, outdoor
• Equipment & Tools: Yard equipment, hand tools, and PPE.
• Physical Demand Level: Moderate to heavy
• Work Capacity: Laborer Work Capacity
• Sensory Demands: Hearing, vision, smell, touch and taste
• Hand Movements: Repetitive motions, gripping

Pay Rate-$18.50

Monday-Friday 7am-4:30pm

Saturday 7am-1:30pm