Operator – 3rd Shift

A.Y. McDonald Manufacturing Co.

Monroe, WI


Perform manufacturing operations in a manner to meet or exceed the company established production standards for the particular job and remain attentive to the job to which the employee is assigned.

  • Watching molds so parts are not closed in and the sprue is not stringing causing build up on mold.
  • Loading inserts properly if required.
  • Trim flash and snip gates properly.
  • Print, Assemble, Sort, Drill, or Gauge parts as required.
  • Maintaining standard cycles.
  • Watch for water or oil leaks.
  • Watch for safety malfunctions, such as, drop bar failure, drill press guards, etc. .
  • Build quality into every job you do.
  • Listen to instructions and changing sounds of machinery. (Noise of mold, machine, grinder, pump, drop bar)
  • Pass on information and instructions to the relieving operator.
  • Perform any inspector functions at the job stations as instructed.
  • Perform any packaging and labeling functions as instructed.
  • Familiarize self with all information posted at the job station pertaining to part quality, packaging requirements, method of operations, and safety. Use all time allocated before the start of each shift to review and perform the same job functions without disruptions.
  • Perform any post-molding operations as required at the job station, including; weld, assemble, glue, polish, stake, etc. . .
  • Grind runners, sprues, and other scrap as required in such a manner as not to damage the equipment from overload.
  • Call for, and notify supervision in a timely manner if trouble develops with the mold or equipment or quality problems arise.
  • Assist in the training of inexperienced operators as instructed by supervision.