Optics Engineer

Grote Industries, Inc.

Madison, IN

Job Description: The Optics Engineer is a flexible position within Grote Industries that applies scientific and mathematical principles to practical ends such as the design, manufacture, and operation of efficient and economical structures, machines, processes, and systems. The position develops and applies new technologies for use in Grote Industries safety systems or the manufacture of those systems for trucks, trailers, commercial vehicles, agricultural and off-highway equipment, buses, and emergency vehicles.


  • Use basic science and mathematical methodology or extensive experience to develop new design rules, develop new procedures, utilize specialized design techniques, develop new processes, and evaluate deviations from procedures using information from experimentation, published research, customer specifications, government requirements, due care, warranty, corporate needs, training, and market input.

  • Mentor and motivate other employees through higher productivity of work.

  • The ability to be a knowledge broker, i.e., learn new skills and teach them to others.

  • Self-Motivated cost reduction through technical analysis (leading to less testing and therefore more savings).

  • Recognizing and catching design problems.

  • Learning new concepts and folding them into systems by making them standard.

  • New, more efficient procedures by utilizing one’s skill and education to develop procedures and design rules; optimized and structured for others.

  • Flexibility and ability to work in many different areas, like, project management, basic research, and customer presentations.

  • Analyze and summarize situations for presentations, write internal technical reports, develop procedures, develop design rules, publish internal publications.


An Optics Engineer requires a Bachelor’s degree in Optics, Mechanical or Electrical Engineering.