PGT Glass Plant Production Team Member (All Shifts!)


Nokomis, FL

Tasks in assembly plant include, but our not limited to:

  • Weather Stripping
  • Glass/Frame Cleaning
  • Bead Installation
  • Grill Kit Installation
  • Muntin Application
  • Chop Saw
  • Dies
  • Scanning
  • Packaging
  • Banding
  • Off Loading


Tasks in glass operations include, but our not limited to:

  • Clave Offloading
  • Cart Pusher Operation
  • Logo to Glass Application
  • Offloading to Carts
  • Identifying Defects
  • Glass Disposal


Essential Functions:

  • Ability to complete all tasks within required position capably and efficiently.
  • Understands and promotes team and company culture.
  • Understands and follows company policies, such as attendance and conduct.
  • Embraces employee’s role in profit sharing and makes positive contributions.
  • Demonstrates teamwork skills and gives best effort under all circumstances. Consistently focuses on assigned task both physically and mentally. Avoids and discourages excessive idle conversations during non-break times.
  • Respects and appreciates diversity of others.
  • Contributes daily to achieving team goals.
  • Demonstrates ability and willingness to be flexible (i.e. alternate tasks, support other mfg. lines).
  • Understands safety regulations and routinely wears PPE and ensures team members follow PPE guidelines.
  • Promptly applies efficient and thorough responses to accidents.
  • Understand that overtime required with short notice.

Physical and Environmental Requirements:

  • Prolonged standing for 8/10/12 hours, dependent on work schedule
  • Varying degrees of temperature (i.e. high humidity, heat during summer months)
  • Workplace atmosphere contains different dust levels dependent on machinery
  • Noise levels moderate to high; Hearing protection mandatory on manufacturing floor (PPE)
  • Safety shoes w/steel toes mandatory on manufacturing floor (PPE)
  • Safety glasses mandatory on manufacturing floor (PPE)
  • Must be able to lift/carry up to 50 lbs. frequently
  • Occasionally lift/carry up to 100 lbs.
  • Reaching overhead - occasional
  • Bending/turning/twisting - frequently.
  • Pushing/Pulling up to 100 lbs. on cart – occasional.
  • Kneeling/squatting - occasional
  • Repetitious movements (hands/wrists) during assembling of product - frequently
  • Use of appropriate gloves when handling glass product


Physical presence in workplace required.