Plant Operator

US Silica

Pacific, MO

U.S. Silica is a global performance materials company and a leading producer of commercial silica used in a wide range of industrial applications and in the oil and gas industry. U.S. Silica’s wholly owned subsidiaries include EP Minerals and SandBox Logistics®. EP Minerals is an industry leader in the production of products derived from diatomaceous earth, perlite, engineered clays, and non-activated clays. SandBox Logistics® is a state-of-the-art leader in proppant storage, handling and well-site delivery, dedicated to making proppant logistics cleaner, safer and more efficient.

During our 121-year history, we have developed core competencies in mining, processing, logistics and materials science that enable us to produce and cost-effectively deliver over 400 diversified product types to customers across our end markets. As of December 31, 2020, we operated 23 production facilities across the United States. We control 489 million tons of reserves of commercial silica, which can be processed to make 197 million tons of finished products that meet American Petroleum Institute ("API") frac sand specifications, and 79 million tons of reserves of diatomaceous earth, perlite, and clays.

The Company is headquartered in Katy, Texas, and has an office in Reno, Nevada.

·   Safety Responsibilities

·         Personal Protective Equipment will be worn at all time while on duty (hard hat, hard toe shoes, safety glasses, hearing protection and gloves)

·         Before work begins on any shift, visually inspect equipment and work area to ensure both are in safe operating condition. Document this inspection on workplace exam

·         Follow all company safety and health policies

·         Report any unsafe conditions to management for repairs. Any defects will be barricaded, and a notification will be posted.  Equipment will be locked and tagged out as required

·         Report all accidents immediately

·   Environmental Responsibilities

·         Keep all high traffic areas clean and clear of any trash, debris, tools, hoses, or other miscellaneous items (use proper procedures for oil and other lubricants leaks and spills)

·         Follow and maintain all applicable standards related to Environmental Compliance

·         Report any Environmental events to plant management


·  Production Responsibilities

·         Operate, inspect and calibrate all bagging and flour loading equipment safely and efficiently according to plant standards

·         Conduct product sampling and testing in accordance to Quality Control Documents to ensure quality product is being packaged

·         Conduct minor maintenance on all equipment (chutes, bins, placers, conveyors, wrappers). Lock and Tag Out equipment properly.

·         Complete daily shift production report (amounts and grades of product loaded or bagged, amount of waste product, time spent on different assignments, etc.).  

·         Provide specific information on any maintenance or other downtime reasons

·         Load bulk railcars, tanker trucks and container trucks

·         Operate forklift


·         Cross train in other areas of the plant including Dryer, Sand loading, Milling, Mining and Maintenance to support operational coverage needs

·         Additional duties as assigned