Pod 760 – Pump/Valve Body Disassembly

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Transmission- Pump/Valve Body Disassembly

Job Overview: As a member of the Power Drive Transmission Team, you are primarily responsible for utilizing several tools including but not limited to an impact gun, torque wrench, gauges, and hand tools in the assembly process.

Salary and Benefits:

Starting at $18.25 + based on experience

Medical, dental, prescription insurance & PTO after 30 days

9 paid holidays after 30 days

Two retirement plans

Quarterly bonus

On the job training

And, so much more!

Key Job Responsibilities:

Transmission Pod: Click here for a video description Transmission Pod Description

The Transmission POD is divided into stations: Disassembly, Inspect, Subassembly, and Final Assembly. Each member of the POD is trained to work in each position and rotates to a different station each day. Disassembly: Will be utilizing several types of tools not limited but including impact gun, hand tools, and hoist apparatus. The individual will be disassembling the entire transmission which includes removal of screws, rings, seals, gears, valve body, etc. After removing the parts they will be loading the various parts in a basket prepping them to be washed. Must have an eye for detail, strong hand dexterity and problem solving skills. Inspect/Parts Drying- The individual will enter the tag number of the transmission in the computer. They will inspect all parts for damage and order parts needed. They will dry parts when washer is done. If any of the parts are dirty they will air-dry the part to remove dirt. This position may require using a sanding block, lathe to polish parts, grind bearings or burrs using a die grinder. Sub Assembly - Inspect pump for damage, remove bushing- utilizing a press, sand burrs if needed, measure gear clearance using a feeler gauge. Final Assembly: Will utilize several types of tools not limited but including impact gun, torque wrench, gauges and hand tools in the assembly process. The assembly process includes bolting the case to the stand (rotate the case several times on the stand while in assembly process) install and align pistons, rings, rear planet, gears, pan, pump, valve body and other parts. An individual will inspect with gauge or other tools to ensure proper installation. One must be organized, attentive to detail and be willing to learn the processes of assembling a transmission. These stations require an individual who is a decision-maker, has an eye for detail, can utilize various types of tools, machinery, and gauging equipment and must have good hand dexterity.

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