Power Tech/Sta Elect Intern

American Electric Power

Zanesville, OH

Job Description

Assist in performing all types of work involved in the construction, maintenance, rebuild, removal, operation, testing and inspection of energized or de-energized generation, transmission and distribution facilities. Work on and/or around energized equipment (up to 260 volts). Assist in disassembling and reassembling, inspecting, maintaining, and repairing of station transformers, circuit breakers, portable substations, rotating machinery, regulators and capacitors, install and maintain station batteries; replace nitrogen bottles and air filters. Assist in station work such as installing conduit, pipe, cable and wire; use hand lines to pass tools and materials; dig and backfill trenches; remove and spread stone; uncrate equipment and material; install and remove portable substation fences, barriers and safety signs; paint structures and equipment; use ladders properly and safely. Use various kinds of tapes, insulating materials, protective and insulating paints and varnishes, and understand proper application of each. Select proper prints and/or drawings for various works and have a basic understanding of each. Use voltmeters, ohmmeters, ammeters, insulation meggers and other test equipment associated with station work. Assist in station switching including use of radio communication and/or direct instruction from higher classification, assist in checking equipment clearances and making de-energized tests, place grounds as directed. Assist in making visual inspections such as check lights, heaters, circuit breaker counters, oil levels, and bus connections; read gauges such as voltmeters, ammeters, hydrometers, pressure and level gauges; apply start-run-stop tests on emergency generators, water and sump pumps. Report abnormal conditions. Assist in various tests involving oil samples, connecting and operating portable and stationary oil handling equipment. Assist in electrical tests, sucha s TTR, power factor, megger and resistance testing, etc. Attend and participate in training. Perform duties in accordance with the Company's safety rules and operating regulations and practices.
Minimum Requirements
Must be high school graduate or have equivalent education and/or experience. Must be enrolled in a qualified two-year associate degree program in electrical/mechanical/industrial maintenance technology. One year toward completion of the two year program is preferred. Must be at least 18 years old. Must successfully complete all pre-employment selection procedures including drug screen, physical and back ground check. Must be physically able and willing to perform work in a field environment. Must successfully complete the Station Electrician Physical Abilities Test (PAT). Must possess good verbal and written communication skills. Must be able to work in teams. Must be able to work in accordance with established safety policies and procedures. Must be able to follow both written and verbal instruction. Must be able to provide both written and verbal instruction to others when necessary. Must be able to interpret data and apply information from drawings, instruction manuals, diagrams, and associated documents. Must be able to deal with customers and other employees in a courteous and professional manner. Must possess and maintain a valid driver?s license and be capable of obtaining a CDL (commercial driver?s license). Must be willing to travel. (Travel may be required to complete work assignments.) Must have working knowledge of computers and computer software applications. Basic knowledge of electricity, preferred.