Printing Operator (1st Shift)


Medley, FL

Essential Job Functions: (The reason this job exists is to perform these functions. These functions are performed regularly, seriously impacts other jobs, and there are a limited number of employees whom performance of the function can be distributed.)

  • Load, position and adjust unprinted materials on holding fixtures or in equipment loading and feeding mechanisms. Clean and prepare containers for packing.
  • Push buttons, turn handles or move controls and levers to start and control printing machines.
  • Inspect and examine printed products for print clarity, color accuracy, conformance to specifications, and external defects.
  • Monitor feeding, printing, and racking processes of presses to maintain specified operating levels and to detect malfunctions; make any necessary adjustments.
  • Place printed items in ovens to dry or set ink.
  • Reliable, regular attendance is essential.
  • Supports teamwork through active participation and/or by helping team ideas work.
  • Performs duties safely and in accordance with Company safety policies.
  • Other duties and special projects as assigned by Manager or Supervisor.