Production Employee – Sorter , Sikeston, Mo

Aramark Uniform Services, LLC

Sikeston, MO


Performs work as part of a team in an industrial laundry facility. Responsible for the safe, expeditious, and accurate handling of merchandise into and/or out of the laundry facility.

• Responsibilities/Essential Functions:

Becomes familiar with the garment numbering system (GID) and shipping schedule board; Follows a shipping schedule and knows the initial step to separate garments into routes for specific sort area (first, second, or third); Removes garments from supply rail, places on the appropriate conveyor or placard hook by route (first sort), by last man numbered (second sort), or by customer number (third sort); Hangs all shirts of the same route then hangs all pants before proceeding to the next batch/bar; Removes odd garments and places them in the correct space on the odd numbered garment bar; Informs the supervisor of any quality, mechanical, or shipping schedule problems; Watches the end of the supply bars for falling garments and re-hangs fallen garments on appropriate bar; Stops the line when jams or other problems occur further down the line and for breaks; Monitors garments for wrinkles and removes garments not meeting specified quality standards in terms of ink stains, tears, holes, missing buttons, or loose tags; Maintains safe and clean work environment, and observes best practices in all production activities; Other duties as assigned.

• Knowledge/Skills/Abilities:

Ability to understand all required training, written, and verbal instructions; Working knowledge of basic math skills; Good verbal and/or written communication skills; Ability to work independently and as part of a team; Ability to meet attendance schedule.

• Working Environment/Safety Requirements:

Work is performed in a warehouse setting and regularly exposed to outside weather conditions, extreme heat and cold conditions as well as dust and noise. Work is based on a shift schedule, and may include weekends. Overtime required as needed. Physical Requirements Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions. Position involves repetitive motions over the duration of an entire shift; Requires continuous reaching at shoulder and/or overhead level; Requires the use of hands for grasping and other manipulations; Requires standing and walking for long periods of time.

• Experience:

• Travel Requirements:

• Education:

High school degree or equivalent preferred

• License Requirements/ Certifications: