Quality Control Auditor – Injection Molding

20/20 Custom Molded Plastics Ltd.

Covington, GA

Job Description:

The Quality Auditor is responsible for:

  • Practicing and supporting procedures for maintaining high standards of quality, reliability, and safety.  They will determine and enforce- through functional groups, quality and safety requirements in accordance with real company needs based on the current regulations and state of the art product development.  They will promote companywide quality improvement efforts by evaluating and developing improved techniques for the control of quality, reliability and safety.
  • Monitor all departments and areas of the facility to ensure all customer and organizational requirements are being carried out per written instructions or known procedures, and reporting their findings to the Quality Manager on a daily basis.
  • In the absence of the Quality Manager, the Quality Auditor also has responsibility to act as a liaison with internal departments on matters relating to the quality system.  The Quality Auditor is indirectly responsible for reporting on the performance of, and continual improvement of the company’s quality system.
  • Working directly with the Quality Manager, will be responsible for releasing Job Books for all new products as well as maintain existing Job Books to the current production and inspection methods as well as issuing Quality Alerts when necessary.
  • Will monitor and analyze checklists from the production floor to determine if there are any defect trends that need to be addressed to maintain the quality of production parts.
  • Is responsible for maintaining the Calibration Log and notifying the Quality Manager when any calibrations become due as well as performing any internal calibrations such as tape measures.
  • The Quality Auditor will be responsible for Internal Audits, Dock and Warehouse Audits.
  • Other duties as assigned.
Education and training

The Quality Auditor should have a High School Diploma or equivalent and should have additional classwork in management type courses and problem-solving techniques (i.e. Statistical Process Control, Internal Audit Certification).

Technical Requirements
  • The Quality  Auditor should have a minimum of one to three years’ experience, of which at least two should be in an ISO9001 certified organization or greater.
  • A working knowledge of Microsoft Office, Word, Excel and Access would be a plus.
  • Three years experience in low pressure injection molding. 

Must be able to read and use all current inspection tools used on our production floor (i.e. Calipers, micrometers, etc. as well as the Melt Flow Tester and height gauge)