Quality Control Technician Night Shift

PPG Aerospace

Cleveland, OH

As a Quality Control Technician working onsite in Cleveland, OH, you will validate finished good properties of wet samples that come into QC and prepare those samples for spray testing. You are responsible for property testing that is reported to the customer and is important for accurate performance of the coating.

Key Responsibilities

              • Wet property testing of samples; i.e. viscosity, pH and resistivity

              • Reduction of batch samples for spray-outs

              • Hand spray panels for defect analysis

              • Low level analytical testing of intermediates

              • Dry film testing; i.e. hardness, defect evaluation, gloss, color.

              • Batch approval and submission preparation

              • You will have a 12 hour, rotating, night shift. (5:30pm-6am)


              • High School diploma or equivalent skills.

              • College chemistry and math, but basic knowledge of mathematics and scientific principles required.

              • Ability to understand record and verbalize detailed information.

              • Able to lift over 25 pounds to handle materials.