Sales Executive, Airway – New Brunswick , NJ

KARL STORZ Industrial-America, Inc.

New Brunswick, NJ

KARL STORZ Endoscopy-America, Inc. is headquartered in El Segundo, California, and is responsible for all U.S. distribution and sales of endoscopes, instruments, imaging systems, electromechanical devices, and OR1® operating room integration technologies.




The Sales Executive, Airway has the responsibility to sell, service, and provide educational training for all KARL STORZ Airway Management products within specific territorial boundaries.   This position will support the New Brunswick, NJ area.  Hired candidate should live in  Newark, NJ, or surrounding areas.  


  • Responsible for the achievement of all assigned sales quotas as specified in the annual Business Plan and commission plan booklets.
  • Schedule and conduct in–service product training for new and existing acute care facility customers.
  • Upon completion of each week, provide the Anesthesia/ Emergency Medicine Sales Manager with a weekly call report in the specified format.
  • Submit, on a quarterly basis, a listing of target accounts that will achieve the Anesthesia/ Emergency Medicine product segment’s assigned goals as specified in the annual Business Plan.
  • Conduct business within the assigned territory according to budgeted expenses.
  • Follow up on all product leads and inquiries within the geographical territory and report the results to the Anesthesia/ Emergency Medicine Sales Manager and appropriate headquarters personnel.
  • Participate in local and national product fairs and conventions approved and assigned by the Anesthesia/ Emergency Medicine Sales Manager and headquarter personnel.
  • Maintain contact and cooperation with all other KARL STORZ sales and sales support personnel.
  • Maintain company property in a proper manner.


Work Environment / Physical Job Duties

It is the mission of KARL STORZ to advance medical technology in support of healthcare providers and their patients, and to do so in the safest manner possible, given that this work requires certain employees to access restricted and/or potentially infectious patient care areas and to come in contact with potentially contaminated equipment. While it is unusual for individuals with normal immune systems who follow universal safety precautions to contract illness in such settings, the work environment can pose a heightened health risk to any person with reduced immune function. Caution, self-awareness, and adherence to safety protocols are therefore vital.


  1. 40+ hours per week on the road visiting local customer medical sites (hospitals, surgery centers, emergency rooms, doctors’ offices, etc.)
  2. Regular entry into patient procedure rooms and materials management areas to observe surgeries, troubleshoot/install/remove or discuss Company equipment function, receive training, or review instrument processing/disinfection/cleaning practices (e.g., operating rooms, emergency rooms, sterile processing departments, EMS locations, etc.): Daily or almost daily
  3. Regular driving/car travel duties within generally a 100-mile radius of the employee’s home office: Daily or almost daily.
  4. Occasional extended car or plane travel to company/customer/medical/convention sites for training, conventions, or customer support: 1 – 5 times per year
  5. Regular handling, demonstrating, installing, packaging, transporting, and carrying of Company medical equipment individually weighing 1 – 35lbs (employee to request additional human or mechanical assistance if ever asked to help move or handle equipment exceeding 40lbs, or whenever the employee is uncomfortable with any weight over 25lbs)
  6. Extensive walking, standing, and potential stair climbing (as needed) within customer sites
  7. Regular computer/home office administrative (seated) desk activities: Daily or almost daily for up to 2 hr
  8. Technical Competency and Self–Development:


Other attributes: 


  • Possess general knowledge and awareness of the entire healthcare industry.
  • Possess a thorough knowledge and awareness of the medical device industry not just limited to those directly allied with KARL STORZ products.
  • Possess complete knowledge of all KARL STORZ Anesthesia/ Emergency Medicine product lines to effectively answer questions and make sales presentations.
  • Possess a complete knowledge of the selling process leading to a successful close, including the use of the features, advantages, benefits approach and the side–by–side comparison selling technique.
  • Possess the competency to educate and train others, either on a one–to–one or group basis, to sell the use of KARL STORZ Anesthesia/ Emergency Medicine products in the most effective manner.
  • Constantly pursue a continuing program of self–improvement in all areas, particularly in terms of technical competency, time and territory management, and personal research.

Planning and Territory Management:

1. Utilize Professional Sales Skills (PSS) to promote the sales of all KARL STORZ products.
2. Develop and maintain a positive business relationship with the key decision-makers and department managers in all assigned accounts.
3. Assist customers in handling all KARL STORZ product lines to include, but not limited to the following:

  • Order Entry and Standing Order
  • Return Good and Credit Policy
  • Invoicing
  • Delivery
  • Inventory Control
  • Product Selection




  • Bachelor’s Degree or 2 to 4 years of relevant experience preferably within sales.


This position requires daily driving to geographically dispersed accounts. If the candidate intends to drive a privately-owned vehicle, candidate must have a valid driver’s license in the state where the vehicle will be operated or in the state of residence.